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  • TK Maxx PSA
  • rascal

    Was in Loughborough TK yesterday and they had quite a bit of biking gear in the Active section.
    Really nice lightweight Berghaus Windstopper jacket with pit zips (in white though!) £120 down to £70 – very tempted but I already have a Phantom.
    Various Craft (£20 from £30+) and Madison (£15 from £30) short sleeved jerseys.
    Might be worth a looksy if you’re near one 😉

    Never sure whether their stuff is seconds or not.


    All looked ok at a glance – the Windstopper would be great but a mare to keep clean.


    TK maxx selling seconds is a bit of an urban myth..*

    They sell in three ways:

    End of line – shouldn’t require further explanation. Picked up some real bargains this way e.g. Belstaff trailmaster for £150

    Production – TK Maxx will reach a deal with a brand (e.g. Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren) for product to be supplied that will allow them to sell the brand at lower RRP based on volume purchased. For example TK Maxx are CK’s biggest vendor for mens boxer shorts.

    They will also buy from suppliers / factories that make product for brands but will use the factories label rather than the brands to be able to deliver the price.

    Production 2 – TK Maxx make product under licence or their own ‘brands’. An example would be William Hunt who is a bespoke suit maker. TK Maxx license his brand to make clothing and homewear.

    You can pick up a bargain if you are prepared to hunt for them.

    * ex TKM senior exec content 🙂

    Seen plenty of stuff in there labelled as seconds, and soem stuff the same brand/price without the seconds label.

    TBH, my main issue is the time taken to find stuff. just don’t have the patience to search the place. Deffo good stuff if you take the time, though.

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    Never ever managed to find anything that I could use in TK in Sheffield . They never seem to have the stuff mentioned in PSAs and even in non outdoor clothing, they never have my size! This may of course be due to me being slow off the mark but is stock distributed randomly or is there a fairly equal spread of stuff thought the branches?


    I got Cancellara’s Swiss National Champion Leopard Trek jersey in the Rotherham TK Maxx a few weeks back.

    Got some Sugoi bib tights cheap in the past too.

    Fair bit of craft stuff in brighton tk max got a super lightweight jacket thing. Packs down super small. No idea how effective it is but worth a punt for £20


    I will forever be indebted to TKMaxx for the purple wetlook anorak i picked up in their sale a fair few years back now.. It’s no use on or off the bike but it certainly gets me a heap of admiring glances down at the disco..


    In Leeds this week were a few craft Leopard Trek tops and jackets. As a serial T K maxx shopper, cycling kit is very rare. Lots of the cheap packable Craft jackets as well.

    They also sell samples, though they are marked on the ticket. Seconds? Well the Kenzo suit I was about to buy turned out to have a rip in the sleeve. Quite obvious but it wasn’t marked down but I suppose the rip could have happened anywhere in the supply chain.

    I noticed they had Leopard Trek tops in the Guildford one today.

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