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  • Premier Icon DezB

    Of all the billions of women/girls in the world.. Lily ‘kin Allen??


    skidartist- that’s out of order. Well out of order.


    Lily Allen? A sex object? Has the world gone mad? She is pug-ugly; it is an insult to every woman of below-average looks upward that the Allen beast would be considered before them.

    And that comment about her dad? Having passed him IRL I am happy to confirm he’s an odd little man of about 5’3″.

    Hora, are you nuts? Ugly as ****, no curves, hair like a mop. Lilly Allen is so much more interesting… I’m beggining to question your sanity 🙂


    Andrew are you one of those blokes that only go for women that conform to a set of criteria? In my experience men that do this are one of the below:

    1. Incredibly attractive and can afford to be choosey as women fall at their feet (think Brad Pitt)
    2. Still in the closet. Saying every woman they meet is unattractive, to avoid having to come clean with friends and family. Which is of course true, because they like men!
    3. A virgin.
    4. Still attached to their mothers umbilical cord, and no one quite matches up to Mummy.

    I’m guessing in your case it’s number 1?

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)

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