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    Abut 6 weeks ago I got a thorn in my index finger just on the first joint and the end of the thorn snapped off inside. Had a dig round with a needle and thought I’d got it out. Later it seemed to be a part of it left in there, quite far under the skin and painful if pressed or if I picked something up ‘wrong’. I had one subsequent go a few days after it went in at digging it out but it was in too deep and I couldn’t get to it so I left it to compost/find its own way out.

    There now seems to be some sort of callous forming over around where I think the thorn is and movement in the joint is being affected as the skin has lost its elasticity and I haven’t got full movement. It’s still painful if pressed or when picking things up that press on it (braking on the bike is thankfully unaffected). There’s slight redness but doesn’t look like there’s any infection.

    So mtfu or seek medical advice before it finds its way to my heart and I die horribly?


    i can offer no help, but maybe this will cheer you up, some 80s cheese.



    Had several of these this year from riding overgrown byways. Try Magnesium Sulphate paste or a Bread poultice for the more natural remedy.

    david jey

    Just go and see yer GP and they’ll dig the blighter out for you!

    Couple of years back I thought I had one in the back of my hand. The GF had a good dig about with a needle and found nothing. A week later a 10mm long thorn popped out the back of my hand when I made a fist 😯


    I’m waiting on a hospital appt for an ultrasound scan to see if I have a thorn or some kind of splinter in my finger. There’s a small lump which can be painful if I catch it on stuff. I guess the scan will show if there’s something in there and then a doc will get digging away.

    Anyone know the typical wait time for an ultrasound scan appt ? (GP seemed to thing we would be talking weeks).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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