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  • Thinking of a campervan … couple of fundamental questions please
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    OK, so I have read lots of the threads here which have been really helpful, but have a few key questions I’d value some thoughts on:

    My situation – I’ve always wanted a campervan, probably from the adventurous nomadic image they conjure up! I’ve done a fair bit of camping, motorcycling Europe and NZ with a tent, camping as a family of 4 (+ 3 dogs) and I love it. We’re now at a point where I possibly have the opportunity for some short trips in the UK (2days-1 week), me and the young dog, plus a bike so a few days away, walking, cycling, chilling. Happy with the idea of wild camping and equally happy with the idea of campsites. A good day would be breakfast, coffee, big yomp or a few hours on the bike, drive to the next spot, cook a bit of pasta (simple) and have a beer. Wake up, move on. Nothing gnarly or big deal. I think Mrs A might join for a weekend away, but occasional. The van would effectively be our second car, so needs to be small/manouverable enough to get down a narrow road and tight driveway. I can cope happily with basic conditions!


    – So from the above, what’s the ideal type of van?

    – I reckon it’ll be a window of time with me for 3-4 years. I could (possibly) spend a bit e.g. £30k only on the thought of selling in a few years with little loss. Reality of this Vs. buying cheap and basic?

    – It’ll be predominately me, spaniel and bike. I’d like a little cooker and possibly fridge, but assume toilet/cupboards aren’t worthwhile?

    – I’ve been looking at VW options, simply because we’ve had VW cars and they’ve been good! Also, the van size if suitable for our road/driveway, and feasibly can be called in to use on the odd occasions we need another car. What others?

    – So many VW options – are there ‘generally’ good models to go for?

    – Is a conversion OK to look at (obviously depends how well it’s been done) or better to stick with manufacturer done?

    – Mileage – lots of campers have 150,000+ miles – a worry? My mileage will probably be fairly low.

    – Having a battery powered fridge sounds good to me, what’s the reality of it?

    – Is a pop-up worthwhile – if it’s only me and dog most of the time, I don’t need to sleep up top, but does it give a nice feeling of space? Worth paying more for?

    – Are there any specific mod-cons that are worth looking out for?

    – Realistically, I could do the same activity with my small tent and the estate car … so am I being daft!


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    Mods – can you delete this pls as it’s a duplicate … re-posted as the original didn’t appear for a few hrs!

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