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  • 'Think' Road Safety campaign on tinpot local radio .
  • http://www.thisissurreytoday.co.uk/Roadworkers-highlight-dangers-M25-Cobham-services/story-20010602-detail/story.html#axzz2jhwMAk5z

    8 Road workers killed in 3 years according to the article above.
    9 Road workers killed in 5 years according to the link below

    Q .- How many cyclists killed in 2012? A . – 118 = 2 a week.

    The local radio has adverts on every hour saying dont crash into road workers . Of course its an important job and they are out in all weathers , sometimes at night often fixing the roads after a crash has damaged barriers . Or resufacing them after all the cars and lorries have worn them out.

    WHy don’t cyclists get adverts saying . This is John . Son , Husband , Daddy and statistic. John wont be riding home as he was killed in a road accident.

    Im just abit ‘Why them and no-one else?’ Surely the limited funding should be directed at the highest casualty figures .

    More info and some stats + adverts here.- http://www.rowsaf.org.uk/

    3000 Horse accidents a year on the roads and no radio adverts for them .

    I might be wrong of course and its clearly wrong that anyone gets killed on the public highway. The funding has partly come from private companies , but some has come from the government .
    I guess it may be because Im old enough to remember the Green Cross Code ads and Road safety demonstrations at school, and i dont think they bother anymore.


    We have those adverts too, I must admit my first thought was I’ve never heard a news report mentioning a roadworker being killed yet hear plenty of drivers/cyclists/pedestrians.

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    Im just abit ‘Why them and no-one else?

    Well… that would result in nothing every happening ever. Its not as if there are and have never been any other safety campaigns.


    The answer is in how it is funded. Those Ads are funded by the main Highways Agency contractors (A-One+, Amey, Balfour Beatty, Carillion, Enterprise Mouchel, Connect Roads, Connect Plus (M25), Galliford Try, Sir Robert McAlpine and Skanska UK) presumably out of their H&S budgets, not directly from government cash as I understand it.

    As it happens there was an advertising initiative in Scotland targeting cycle safety which wasn’t universally well received. Some motorists blame cyclists. Its unlikely that road workers are likely to be blamed to the same extent.

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