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  • Things that changed you as a cyclist and person.
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    Got hit by a car while on a MTB holiday in the alps a good few years ago. Broke my back in 3 places and spent a couple of weeks in hospital followed by a long recovery.

    In the next 18 months, I climbed Mont Blanc (and snowboarded down), started the process of becoming a snowboard instructor and MTB guide, got engaged, got married, quit a well-paid job, moved to the Alps and started a bike/snowboard holiday business.

    I guess you could say it was a bit of a kick up the ar$e…


    A copy of Richard’s Bicycle Book. No other book has both changed the way I think and what I do to the same extent.

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    Being taken out by a car in traffic jam – I was riding too fast, not paying enough attention. Was the fittest i’d been and still not right after a few years.

    Me hitting a car wing mirror and then loosing my rag at the driver. Completely my fault, i was in a rush.

    Having a son.

    I’ve always known my limits on a MTB but for some reason have always been a cock on the road bike. Now way more relaxed, pay so much more attention to other road users and always polite. Shame it took above to get there.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Injury too. But not like that… About, let’s see, I think 7 years ago now, walking to the garage one morning, slipped on ice, broke hip. Got it bolted back on. 6 months on crutches, limited mobility after, could get around but couldn’t run, jump, or walk any real distance. Pretty hard to get stronger when you can’t really do anything. I was unfit before but absolutely useless after.

    So, found my ancient carrera up the back of my mum and dad’s garage, fixed it up, got on the road. Literally once round the block, all I could do, but over time 2 laps then 3 then right down the hill, then as far as my work (but not back, had to be rescued!)… And started to remember, hey, bikes are pretty good, I used to like this.

    So, decided to lash out on a properly expensive new bike. £300. Off into the hills. And without really knowing, ended up with a list of targets- get to the top of that big hill. One day I got to the top of the big hill and finally rode down to the reservoir on the other side (Maiden’s Cleugh, Pentlands people). Almost died coming back over! Skip a step or two and I find myself up alps, or racing on a world cup course, or best of all jsut going riding.

    So that break’s given me… Well, this, til I can’t do it any more. The leg never stops hurting, but it’s been worth it.


    I am riding road a lot more.

    You took up road riding because dh is too dangerous?

    Yeah- I feel more in control on the road, even at 30-40mph+, due to more predictable terrain.
    I still ride trail centres etc., but on DH tracks I can’t help feeling like I’m seriously holding back- so the enjoyment isn’t there anymore. 🙁


    20 odd years ago I witnessed a car sideswipe a bus,leave the ground and crush a pedestrian against a wall while waiting at a red to cross a busy city centre crossroads. I wasn’t wearing a helmet and usually jumped that red light (if I had that day I’d have been right where the dead pedestrian last stood) . To this day still don’t wear a helmet on the road and still jump red lights.
    Sorry, not sure I understand the original point.

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