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  • Tried going back on the road, hate it now. Prefer mud trees and views. But I don’t leave the ground anymore.

    Watching NFL. It used to be a real obsession. Stoppped dead 10 yrs ago.

    Playiing in bands, singing in choirs. Stopped long long ago.

    And being married, but I’m going to give that one another go… 🙂

    Premier Icon Coyote

    Used to follow football but got disillusioned with the cheating and diving.

    Off road riding was something I did a lot of. Numerous trips to Whistler and the Shore. I find these days that I just don’t have the time. Orange P7, Kona Hahanna rigid SS and Mongoose BMX sitting in the garage unridden. Every so often I have a pootle and realise just how much I miss it! Maybe I’ll get back into it one day.

    Premier Icon howsyourdad1

    Snooker , DJing , Climbing. what a weird combination

    Premier Icon Bustaspoke

    Rock climbing,not been for years & no interest in taking it up again.
    Football,these days I’ve no interest whatsoever.
    Coarse fishing it was my main hobby as a youngster.I don’t think I’ve been since my early twenties.
    One thing that I’m getting back into is my motorcycles.My old XT600 did less than a hundred miles between MOT’s last year. I’ve always loved the racing,that’s never changed,but I just got bored riding on the road.I’m now weighing up adding another one to the collection. .

    Premier Icon Northwind

    unkyard – lazarus

    Tried rigid MTB that can **** the **** off

    Heh. I always loved a rigid mtb but now I have a fatbike it does more or less the same things but without so much pain and death. Doubt I’ll do a thin rigid again now.

    Premier Icon Twodogs

    Wondering who Eddiebaby is to have made a living from windsurfing/kiting

    I still have all the same obsessions…surfing (40 years on and off with a 5 year break cos of knackered shoulder), windsurfing (nearly 30 years), mountainbiking. I spend far too much time waiting/hoping for the right conditions…


    Slalom canoeing through the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, scrambling and fell walking 80’s and 90’s and mountain biking since about 2000. I did ride my touring bike on the fire roads of Cannock Chase back in the 80’s.

    Premier Icon Caher

    Playing rugby & football. And midweek 5 aside.

    old donald

    another wargame / boardgamer here – not done it for years – miss it really but it needs time. And generally if I feel good its bike, swim or run. Bought some kits the other day first time in years – Harry the spider you are to blame….

    Leeds tri tomorrow whoohoo…..


    Windsurf,used to be obsessed with the weather and tide tables, still got all the gear in the garage but not touched it for 5 years or so


    Mountainbiking. After a hard fall on Tarmac at a stupidly low speed, the impact to my left knee has resulted in osteoarthritis in two places, an increasingly swollen knee, and a complete loss of confidence, the always-present fear I’ll come off again and do even more damage to something that’s already uncomfortable and somethings quite painful.
    Looking into soft D3O-type pads, but not sure about how much pressure there would be on the kneecap over several hours, and try-before-you-buy doesn’t appear to be an option, and £50-70 a pair is too much to get wrong.
    Still got the bikes, just very dusty and cobweb strewn.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    @ twodogs: you’ve got a PM.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I’ve unintentionally stopped road riding this year, as the weather’s been so dry.

    Got a feeling I might be getting back on it this week though, with the forecast so grim.

    Premier Icon philbuh

    SCUBA. Still have a mountain of equipment, and met my first wave of internet *&^%s debating the fine arts of not killing oneself and diving for fun not for medals.

    There’s always been a bike in the picture, but the bikes became the obsession once my kids were big enough to join in.


    Waterski Racing, the most mental pre occupation of my life, it did turn me from a little wimp into a tough little b’stard, but jesus, 50 miles racing offshore, cross channel a couple of times both ways, what was I thinking? I barely go near a water ski these days and even when I do, ten minutes and I’m knackered, doubt if I could make two passes through a slalom course even.

    Premier Icon pampmyride


    Premier Icon DezB

    Play tennis with my Dad every Sunday morning. He’s dead.
    Play 5-a-side with my workmates every Monday lunchtime. Company got bought out, everyone left.
    Read stories to my son. He’d rather play with his phone.
    Mountain bike every weekend. Life got in the way. Need to get back to this!


    Seeing as I didn’t see this thread and started my own new one:

    Ring the Speaking Clock.

    Talk with Cliff Richard.

    He thinks it’s so funny.

    Premier Icon DezB

    He certainly ain’t losing sleep.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Exercise generally – pretty much enforced for health reasosn (yes, really).

    Which means I am very unlikely to go back to:

    Squash – played county level up to 14.

    Hockey – captained Oxfordshire up to U19. Played North Premier from university until late 20s when a ball in the eye stopped play.

    Riding bikes – started out on the road, then MTB for many years, then back to road. Now nothing. 5 years on and I still pine for it (the sense of grief has finally passed). Might try to pootle down the canal at the weekend….

    Reading books – I love books, but laziness and a job spent reading all day (lawyer) killed the passion in my late 20s. At 40 I’ve been slowly getting back into it. Where some people read a book or more a week, I’m lucky to read 5 a year. Makes me sad.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Read every thread.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Gigging. We used to see 3 gigs a week.
    Have a big bottle of beer on the train a few more at the gig and then because we were better than everyone else we had a carrier bag to be sick in on the way home.
    I really miss being immersed in the music. I used to get butterflies in case “it didn’t happen” then when it did I was off rocking.
    Last proper band I saw was the cult. Everyone there looked so old and trying a bit too hard to relive the old days.
    I keep meaning to see Wolf People but they seem to play the really awkward to get to places and always too bloody late.
    Didn’t even recognise the centre of London where the Astoria was last time I went up. Is the Town and Country club still going?


    Martial arts – used to be very into Kuk Sool, training several times a week, now can barely remember any of it.

    Climbing – still got all the gear, but haven’t climbed anything apart from playing at the climbing wall with Mini Cooper.

    Lots of other things, really. Frankly, I’m amazed I’m still interested in running a bike business – I’d normally have got bored of it years ago.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    prawny – you probably know an old work mate of mine, Paul Darby-Dowman?

    SCUBA. Still have a mountain of equipment, .

    Keep thinking of getting backn into it but my original instructor charges £75 for a refresher dive in a small town (6′ deep end) pool. **** that. I missed a £20 groupon which I’d have taken. Scapa Scuba in Orkney charge £100 for 2 dives on the blockships – excellent dives – which I’d take if I was going up to Orkney for a holiday. Then I remember what a faff the whole getting up early, getting to the dive site, prepping kit, getting dressed up, sweating like a pig, not wanting a drink because a pee in a drysuit is tricky to arrange and all for half an hour in 2′ visibility because the clown in front of you is kicking all over the place.
    Then again, these scallops are nice, yeah, I caught them myself.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Everyone there looked so old and trying a bit too hard to relive the old days

    that’s one of the reasons I never go see old bands. People my age at gigs Yeuch! 🙂

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Is the Town and Country club still going?

    It’s called the O2 Forum now, but yes it’s still open.

    Great venue and went to my first proper gig there when it was the T&CC.

    Carter USM.

    Premier Icon philbuh

    my original instructor charges £75 for a refresher dive in a small town (6′ deep end) pool

    Yep, that. Used to be 3 clubs here but just 1 now. A lot more PADI options than there used to be though. 🙂 Getting back means servicing 5 regs, 5 bottles, suit, stab and wing. Ouch.

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