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  • These are the best winter gloves Ive ever used.
  • Premier Icon bonzodog

    Well, Ive had em a few weeks now, but tonight was the big test cos it was effing freezing out there tonight.

    I suffer bad in my hands. I have reynauds disease which basically means I dont get any circulation.

    For the first time in years I had warm hands. Theyre a bit Dr Zoidberg at first but hey! do I care. Highly recommended.


    Sounds great. What are they?


    What kind are they? How much?

    At least give us the name – or even a link to these preeminent gloves? Or do we have to guess – whilst suffering our blue pinkies while you savour your pink and cosy ones?

    Premier Icon ton

    i like these.
    warm enough for all weathers..

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Lobsters are the way to go, cuts down the surface area, lovely. But, I cannot get over how ace these are:

    The new Fox Antifreeze. It's a 2 part glove, with a windproof outer and a thermal inner. The outer alone is enough for sub-zero riding, even with my terrible circulation, the inner is for when it gets properly cold or cold and wet. But mainly I'm impressed because they're very warm but also they just feel like slightly bulky regular gloves- with the liners in they're a little clumsy but with just the outers, they give great feel. And they feel protective too. I got mine for £20 but £35 is a bargain IMO, Fox are the kings of gloveness.

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    oh no! id got my heart set on some specialized sub zero! now what?? 🙂

    [harry hill mode]
    i like sub zero. and i also like the new fox antifreeze. but which is best? only one thing for it. FIIIIGHT!!!!
    [/harry hill mode]

    Premier Icon ampthill

    I'll second the extremeties


    I've just got the new fox ones from stif (they had 10% off the other day if that helps). Boy are they hot!! Mind you, its still pretty mild down here. They are suprisingly 'proper glove' like in terms of ease/range of movement though the ends of te fingers have 2 seams and so are a bit wierd, unavoidable I suppose. They also have a pittards palm which despite feeling quite thin, has held up pretty well on a different pair of gloves (Troy Lee SE).
    They haven't been rained on properly yet though, the waterproof liners are just stitched normally so i suppose they will start to wet through eventually. Thing is your hands will be so hot by that point (did i mention they are warm?) they will then just be hot and wet.


    The ones at the top are Pearl Izumi Lobster somethings and are really good. I have the glove version that they made a few years ago (and maybe still do) and they are/were great too.
    Really really warm when the temp is around or below freezing


    Bonzo's (OP) are Pearl Izumi Lobster Gloves.
    Dunno which model or where from though.

    Endura do a version here

    Better ones!!! 🙂 Wowza!!! Boy see boy want!!!


    Spoke to Endura to try and get some lobster gloves but they dont do them any more.
    The Pearl Izumi ones have now been updated and are called the Barrier Lobster Gloves. The ones above I believe are the earlier version.


    Sealskin MTB gloves are very warm allthough the palms are a little thick , did Llandegla last night and it was well bellow freezing – drink gears and feet froze but my hands where sweating amazing gloves

    I just need some overshoes now


    Endura Lobsters are sh1te anyway. The inner comes loose from the outer and makes them nigh on impossible to get on and off, they're not that warm (even with a separate liner) and as soon as they get wet they're absolutely freezing.


    Ive got some Specialized gloves with a neopreney outer and fleecey lining in the same Mr Spock death grip 2-finger pattern, and despite having poor circulation in my extremities they are too hot for anything not solidly below freezing. Have a surprising amount of control too given how clumsy they look. Rode through -10C Appalachian winters with em and had toasty hands.


    Endura cordura are also crap (and expensive). The same fault as finbar says with the lobster.

    They are so rubbish I have emailed Endura – but they have not responded, so I will now freely slag them off.

    Endura – your gloves are useless you should be ashamed of what you are selling and your customer relations is also appaling. I have bought loads of your gear in the past – not so sure from now on.


    Andyxxx – the first pair of Endura Lobsters i had the inner glove detached and went all horrid after only a few months. I returned them and Endura sent me a replacement pair, so i was quite impressed. However the replacements have done exactly the same thing (quel surprise!) and i can't be bothered contacting them again. I'll go for Specialized Sub Zeroes next i think.


    Do they do large sizes ?


    Anyone know where to get those Lobster gloves?

    I've been thinking about them for a while but been searching for 5 minutes and can only find American sites with them. Wiggle have a more lightweight looking version and Parker international have no stock.

    This will be added to my Christmas list asap if any can be found.

    Stratobiker – what are those bar mits?


    extremeties – they look strangly like the Nike winter road gloves I had for years. Same material as well by the look of it.

    Ah different!


    Tera Nova do a range of gloves etc
    I bought these yesterday as I like VERY flexible gloves.
    Worn them 2x today and they work a treat. Quite thin too which is a bonus.

    OK, I found the bar mitts $200! Expedition Pogies. hmmm..


    I have just spoken to Endura who say they are not aware of an issue with my glove and to take them back to my lbs for them to rissolve – which is of course a cop out.

    The tips of the inner glove are not stiched to the outer – so you have a hell of a job getting them back in once taken off or washed. This is not a faulty/warranty issue – this is a design flaw which Endura must be aware of.

    Crap design – do not waste your money on these Endura gloves

    Premier Icon Del

    usually the design is good, the execution 5hite. just goes to show they are versatile. 🙄


    **This thread is useless without a link**


    andyxxx. All the big thick winter gloves I have worn have this issue. You have to be very careful when you take them off with hot sweaty hands.
    Specialized ones I had were the worst. Pearl izumi ones a friend had also had this problem. My current thick gloves are Gill have it but not so bad and you can seem to get the glove back if things do go wrong.
    The Gill ones I mention I've had for a few years actually and are very thick and bulky, but I still cold painful fingers. Yet to find the answer to really cold days.


    So I went to Nevis shops. Looked at the Expedeties. The fabric is EXACTLY like the Nike winter road gloves that I owned for years. The old owner of Wheelspin Cycles in Huddersfield used these for all his years of winter road rides..

    Anyway. Walking through Sports Direct this afternoon (I was looking for someone to mug or racially abuse) I came across these beauties….,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-300/pid-278710/pgid-278712&cp=EUNS_SH_FROOGLE_UK#l=shop,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-300/pid-278710/pgid-278712

    Built for protection and performance, the Nike Thermal Field Players Men's Football Gloves feature a fleece lining for warmth and engineered grip zones for added control in tough weather.

    Elastic wristband for a secure fit
    Water-resistant front and back of hand for protection in wet and cold weather
    Silicone grip zones provide enhanced grip for throw-ins

    The same sodding material/glove with 'football' added in.

    Why do cycling companies rip off cyclists soo much?

    Premier Icon bonzodog

    Right folks, an apology.

    I wouldnt normally recommend anything without a link or at least a name, but it was sooo late last night when I got round to posting and I was a tad excited that I could actually still use my fingers to type.

    As oddjob syas, theyre the Pearl Izumi Barriers. I got em about 2 weeks ago from Wiggle. Ive just looked and it seems like theyve stopped making 'em 🙁 What a pi$$er!

    Theres a few pairs on ebay USA but they work out at around £57 delivered 😯

    Though theyre still on the Pearl Izumi site.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    "Endura Lobsters are sh1te anyway. The inner comes loose from the outer and makes them nigh on impossible to get on and of"

    Ah, that's a sending off offence. My DHB winter gloves lasted half a ride before they did that, and since they had a goretex-copy membrane in as well, which also pulled out, it was impossible to get the lining back in. Had to chop both linings out with a knife 🙁

    The Fox ones don't do it 😉

    Oh, bar mits. £200? Check out motorbike ones, Oxford Muffs are only £30. Not designed for pushbikes obviously but they should adapt. Not sure I see the need but it's always an option.

    My holdout option is a pair of winter motorbike gloves, they're enormous and clumsy so no feel whatsoever, but then if your hands freeze you get no feel either. But I doubt any UK conditions will make you cold or wet through a pair of good motorbike gloves. One for the brutally cold days or those with terrible circulation really.


    i have pearl izumi barriers,about 5 years old and still going…however…if you can find them get these,scott adventure gloves.

    made for snowmobile riding but adopted for adventure motorcycling,they cost £33 about 8 years ago,i rode a motorcycle in iceland with these at -22 celcius + windchill,i froze except my hands,the insides dont pull out when sweaty,you can tie shoe laces with them on and unzip pockets etc..(dont take your gloves off in iceland in march..) and they dry on a radiator overnight easy without going stiff,there reasonably waterproof (glencoe to edinburgh in pissing rain motorcycling) but somehow keep your hands warm if wet… mine aint for sale and i always ware them in this weather cycling..i dont know if there still for sale but worth searching out…
    if you want hand muffs you can get scooter ones that are alot smaller than regular motorcycle handmuffs…


    TK maxx has loads of gloves that look well cosy, think they are ski gloves so should do the job at reasonable prices.
    i'm using seal skins all weather gloves which do the job, but i dont often get cold hands, i get cold feet..


    lobster style gloves are the best – though people seem to have stopped making them..

    trek used to make some years ago – best bits of mittens and gloves combined…

    the new PI ones are not insulated like the old ones..

    Bring them back! I have lost mine and need some new ones


    just been looking:

    Vaude make some:
    Vaude Inverno gloves on rutland website

    assos do some but they are £99


    sealskin windproof gloves rock. Plus I have these thermal wool liners which mean even at night in the snow my fingers are toasty warm.


    wet -6 this morning on the commute – im considering some bar muffs to go with my lobsters ! fingers/face freezing glad i wore glasses !


    Had some PI lobsters for 7-8 years now – very durable, very warm and wash a treat. They were expensive at the time but money well spent in my book.


    These are the best biking gloves I've ever used. Dachstein Mitts, with seperate index finger

    Premier Icon Bregante

    when it's really cold, I use my tog 24 snowboarding gloves, similar to these:

    never had cold fingers with them on yet

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