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  • Premier Icon kelvin

    I still think of Singletack as being the new mag on the block.

    Today I worked out I last had a proper road bike 18 years okay. Feels like yesterday. Time is an illusion.


    The Old Days??

    Thought you were gonna be referring to the days of the Fat Tyre Five events from the early eighties, and so on.

    Now those were the days..


    Telford Nationals Brant? A tame course in the town park with Army cadets as race marshals. Jake Elliot won for Raleigh?


    Who/what was I remember riding the trail at Afan and i remember the single speed world champs there – but what was the website all about?

    Member as a name got bought by Cotswold Outdoor, seem to remember it being a shop, but Chipps would be the one to tell you what it was.

    I had forgotten about Topica,

    So who remembers Mike Vandemann on the US news groups? hmm

    did the have the internet when I started ????
    I can remember Ton's peugeot hybrid (original 29er)

    Premier Icon nickc

    Starting using the singletrack forum about the time it changed over from Go-far, I deserted Bikemagic, still feel guilty


    Been around since the GoFar and topica list days.

    The days of the Wednesday night online chats and the xmas chat where gifts (donated by Buff IIRC) were given out by 'Santa'. 🙂


    I remember going to the last three proper Malverns Fat Tyre Festivals, including the sad one where someone was killed. I had been on a MTB about 5/6 years before that. I remember my brother (peterpoddy) didn't ride his bike after that and IIRC it was a very long time before he did again.

    Great times, remember first seeing a pair of Rockshox RS1's at a race I was doing.

    Wasn't it a lot hotter and drier "back in the old days"?? I'm sure it was…..


    only subscribe to singletrack because of mtb pro and mountainbike world…still have the last one(tear in eye), i had no idea it was going to disappear. still look back with a fondness for the font used in it…and back in the room!

    Premier Icon nickc

    Wasn't it a lot hotter and drier "back in the old days"?? I'm sure it was….

    Aye it was 🙂 Certainly more so than the last couple of years any way…

Viewing 11 posts - 41 through 51 (of 51 total)

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