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  • The March Bristol Bike Jumble…..BIGGEST EVER
  • The Bristol Bike Jumble is on again outside Mud Dock Cycleworks ( cheers Jerry!! ) TODAY!. Setting up a stall is FREE and there’s first-come-first-served tables available ( it would be lush if you could bring your own…IT’S GOTTEN HUGE! ). Parking’s a doodle, there’s masses of Pay and Display parking right next to it so please bring lots of change for the jumble AND for parking.
    As well as the usual PRIZES in bizarre catagories Jerry’s new manager has an even more LIBERAL PRICING ATTITUDE to the obscure bling lurking in Mud Dock’s ” box of doom. “

    There’ll be a first-come-first-served giveaway of FREE FLUORESCENT BACKPACK COVERS
    for cyclists courtesy of the amazing Jo Anne McAllister who’s South Gloucestershire and Bristol Councils’ ROAD SAFETY TEAM are aiming to make Bristol a ” Cycling City. “

    Please call me if you need stall space. I’m on zero 7971 66 78 24

    Right then, I’m dis-organising this….I better get a move on.


    why today?!?! why not tomorrow!! I’ve got too much to do but also need to shift some kit!!

    oh the humanity, whens the next one?


    Agency scum: I would love to come along as I still have some stuff to sell and a couple of bikes aswell, but given the number of bike thefts in Bristol recently I’m not sure it is safe to have biking related stuff on full display in broad daylight in the middle of Bristol! Will you be providing security during the event? I want a couple of security gaurds posted at each entrance to the jumble along with some PIR lights installed with motion sensitive cameras attatched. Finally can you make sure all the tables are securely bolted to the floor using a ground anchor or similar anti-theft device? If you comply with these simple security measures I would happily sell my wares at said bike jumble.


    PS: also will there be cakes and sticky buns? If so I will see if I can make it!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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