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  • Premier Icon wwaswas

    from twitter: @familyride From yesterday en route to MFG Woodland Park cyclocross races–my new bike carry record (Photo by DBC Photo)

    granny with bag of dog poo just out of shot, no doubt.


    proper job


    That’s pretty impressive 😉

    My best effort:

    more strange vehicles seen on my travels:

    homeless man’s bike (hardrock with 10 speed Shimano XT under all that..)

    electric madness from US company Hanebrink

    australian tourists brought their 2-person recumbant to the UK with them

    Premier Icon martymac

    that is an epic recumbent like.


    Esher, am sure i met your homeless man in new zealand.

    His bike weighed 200lbs haha loaded up just like that having cycled from holland*

    * possibly not the same guy

    That recumbent is brilliant. Where do I get one?


    Homeless man has newish looking XT chainset!


    That’s a Greenspeed tandem trike – talk to Westcountry Recumbents…

    @mrblobby @trail_rat

    his name was “Mr Dingleberry” and he was not shy of cash – would pull out a fat roll of £50 notes whenever he visited the store

    apparently lived somewhere near Epping, after leaving a life behind in “the city”

    Last I heard he was buying a Surly cargo bike to haul all of his stuff about as the poor old Hardrock was struggling under all that load.

    Last time I actually saw him, he was coasting past the Imax Cinema on the roundabout at Waterloo coming off the bridge probably doing 30mph+ as the plastic bags on his bike had damaged his brake cables meaning…no brakes


    As seen on the streets of Portland OR, until it was stolen last week full of pumpkins.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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