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  • Looked good, the Saudi bit at the end was …………..interesting.

    Having worked there, I feel she is going to get "spun", its not a nice place, but perhaps this type of programme and the exposure to moderate views in Kingdom will slowly change that can be a brutal regime.



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    My parents spent about 10 years there & my mother was spitting about how much it had been dumbed down / made to look easy that (the lovely) Ms Humble could do as she liked & only got security updates etc at the last minute.

    Other than that very enjoyable 🙂

    That "chat" she had with the Wuttawa guy was clearly a set up.

    Having been stopped by these guys I know what really goes down.

    I was in Hofuf one time and was hit with a stick for not going to prayers!

    Its a backward country, end of, but has so much beauty

    I noticed in the credits at the end that it was a Saudi security company that escorted her. Probably quite well sheparded to where she "needed" to go I would have thought.

    Anyone catch it last night? I thought it was class; always thought Kate Humble a bit of a lightweight but this was excellent stuff.

    Camel jumping anyone?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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