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  • Premier Icon Stoner

    it would be rude to flaunt. so I wont.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    can't grumble.


    Stoner – Member
    it would be rude to flaunt. so I wont.

    Pfffft, don't keep happiness to yourself. There seems to be so little around at the moment.


    No time to asnwer that now, I'm just going out on my bike and the sun is shining although there is a nip in the air 😛


    My dissertation is on course.

    It's stopped raining.


    I had a Belgian Bun with my lunch. What more can you possibly need?

    (Question, if I went to Belgium, would I just ask for 'a bun'?)

    Premier Icon woody2000

    I'm much the same as you tree-magnet, except for the badminton, that's just gay.

    Oh, and the new job thing.

    And the 4 bikes thing.

    And no-one ever makes me a coffee, but that's because I have coffee OCD.

    Apart from that though…. 😀


    I work from home am just going for my afternoon "lie down" with my missus and have just sorted out a ride on Friday afternoon in company time. 8)

    If my boss finds this post I may be posting on the other thread though.

    I had my favourite meal for lunch – fish, chips and mushy peas.


    I've just had a nice cup of coffee and it's all good here 🙂


    I've just put in an order for an incredibly bling road bike that'll cost me very little cos a work colleague's a friend of the importer 🙂

    And I rode my Soul last weekend. The last 2 times I rode it I broke bones so it was nice to prove I can stay on it 🙂

    Mr Woppit

    Got made redundant in Feb., after 20 years in the same company (too slow with the new software, too old to keep up with the youngsters).

    Got severely depressed until I came across something that held some prospects and went on a training course (3 months so far).

    Learned loads and gained a whole new knowledge base. Passed exams. Working on a portfolio. Savings holding up. Looking forward to being self-employed and not working in a box being micro-managed by an idiot…

    Finalised my ambitious Hifi setup this year (it's lovely), bought a new bike frame (Orange 5) after the old one (Rocky Mountain) broke. It's also VERY lovely…

    Bout of a bad back's just cleared up.

    I've stopped listening to the Rong Radio Stashun… 😉 :mrgreen:


    I got over my hangover by lunch time so I am happy as can be. Also my student loan turned up at the weekend…. winner!!!!!


    i just tracked down a tune that ive been loving, on the airwaves and at parties, all year.
    ive got a new bike on the way
    im nearing my anniversary – one year debt free, following 15yrs straight, in the red.


    Well after 3 redundancies in 18 months I seem to now have got myself sorted with a permanent job only 15 miles commute (used to be 67 miles each way) and to give myself a fooking massive pat on the back I put an order in this morning for a new Cotic Bfe (Blue) when they arrive early next year.

    Oh yeah and I have 7 wonderfull children from 23 years old down to one year old and proud of every one of them, life may sh!t on you every now and then but as long as the family are ok everything is sweet.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I can't help thinking that this thread hasn't quite got the legs/reader interest of the 'I've fecked it all up' one.


    Brilliant wife, 2 wonderful kids who are brighter than I ever imagined.
    Back playing Hockey at a serious level after 15 years and getting fitter.
    Live and work in the Peak District so ride in and out of work by various routes.
    Just bought my first full susser via cycle to work scheme and loving it.
    Love older VWs and have one camper and one 4wd VW van – ongoing project.
    Run a small pr firm with great clients and staff.
    Earn far, far less than when I was in big plcs but could not care less.
    Catch up with some great friends of old on FaceBook on a regular basis.
    Desk and office is still like a bombsite, first grey pube discovered, realised I am not the fastest any more and am truly not at all bothered.
    Life is good. 😀


    Paid off my mortgage a couple of years ago – life has been very good since then and it was pretty awesome with a mortgage

    Life is what you make it

    Oh and I have shagged 5 different canadian chicks in the last week but thats the only downside I can think of.


    Peterpoddy – no chance RE the Belgian bun

    I've never seen one here in Belgium, and my Belgian wife has never seen one in her life!


    Great off to New York for the weekend in the morning! 😉

    Berm Bandit

    Just had a great weekend in Wales, Mrs gave me no hastle at all about it, boss is in China. So no problems.


    I had a sausage sandwich, wispa and bakewell tart for lunch – and last night we got the last dusty ride in of the year before the heavens opened (followed by 3 pints of Shere Drop)


    In response to this: which has made me thourougly depressed, let's hear from the people who aren't getting a raw deal of it…

    For me, I've got a new job on the horizon. my first child is 6 months old, healthy and full of fun. I have my own house that I've just finished decorating, that I like, and the mortgage has just gone from fixed to tracker so I'm £300 a month better off. I have 4 nice bikes, I ride twice a week and the badminton team I captain in the Dorset league are second in the table with a game to play.

    Oh, and one of my colleagues just made me a coffee without the usual blackmail that comes with it!


    How's things for you?

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Errm, I'm healthy and alive. Actually I have the second cold in as many weeks.



    i am getting paid an extra £1000 a month,

    small issue of being made redundant on feb 28th though.

    which means £10k and a nice holiday.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    I'm just grateful I have my health (note: no use of 'perfect') and can ride a bike in the great outdoors.

    Some people can't do that.


    Just moseying on in my little calm way. Skint but don't work much, ride my bike as much as I want, great place to live. Happyish I guess – not looking forward to the big 50 thats not too far away

    Premier Icon ddmonkey

    Latest bout of DIY is finished, house looking nice and Mrs Monkey is pleased. My two boys are a bundle of fun and the oldest is getting on OK at reception. New (to me) bike frame arrived this week and looks ace, will be building it up at the weekend. Also shifting my cold in time for a bit of muddy XC YAY!!!! Things are looking OK!

    I've got a bottle of Purity UBU in the fridge. I'm just eating some very tasty Camembert. Elgar is playing on the stereo.

    La vie est belle!

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    50 is the new 30 T.J. – it's just a number. Far worse for us Ladies.

    I've got my health back after 3 years.
    I get to ride my bike loads, as a result am fitter than I was at the age of 28.

    And mr. b.h. is the best (sends a kiss 'cos it was our wedding anniversary this week).

    Premier Icon D0NK

    You've all just jinxed yourselves, you'll be on the other thread by the end of the week…


    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    i just booked a room in a thistle hotel in that dirty London for £35!


    I have had an immense load of shit dumped on me from a great height, both personally and professionally, but I don't care, life is good, there is always a solution, even if it's 'phuck it'


    Im now called Dr Mema! Passed my viva on thursday, yipee!


    Boss caught me talking on the phone to a recruitment agent….result = I'm now allowed to work from home 2 days a week (4 hours commuting time saved!)

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    well done mema, all that work has paid off, go U!!


    Saw a guy in a bowler hat today, had a great lunch from a place called Kung Food, contract is going well, kids are having fun at school and the wife seems chilled.
    New brake pads went in like a hot knife through butter.

    I'm easily pleased me.


    Mortgage is (basically) paid off. No debts. Early retirement on a final salary pension and the wifes income gives us a comfy standard of living. Part time job in a bike shoppe is fun, with a great bunch of colleagues and earns pocket money for bike bits etc. Extra free time is spent outdoors either biking or walking. Biking skillz are on the way up, as is overall fitness. Daughter is doing really well at school.

    51 last week and WGAS?

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