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  • that free SIS gels offer
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    so a friend ‘liked’ the SIS page offering 12 free gels and I signed up – gave SIS my details and confirmed my email waiting for my code. Well the code came and yes I can have 12 tasty, life sustaining gels for free. BUT to get them free I have to buy £10 worth of other stuff or pay £3.99 p&p.
    So it turns out that Barnam was right – it looked too good to be true, and was…

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    I wouldn’t take them for free, I’ve never had stomach cramps in my life until I had an SIS gel and spent a full day in bed!

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    That’s bad.

    They just sent me a couple of their new protein recovery sachets for free. They were just about palatable. But why they have to put sweeteners in everything I just don’t know. I NEED the sugar!!

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