That accordian song 'Lovely in..' by chap called peter

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  • That accordian song 'Lovely in..' by chap called peter
  • mrsfry

    Save my mind please

    I have a song in my head, but without all the words.
    I know it has a accordion in it and the chap may be called Peter
    and he sings ‘Lovely in…na na nanana when your asleep’ but it is not a naughty song.
    It was also on Top of the Pops back in ye olden days.

    Can you help please

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    Where do you go to my lovely, by Peter Sarstedt (sp)


    Peter Sarstedt?

    Possibly “Where do you go to my lovely?”?


    Beaten to it by 17 seconds 🙄

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    Boom. You snooze you lose, womblecat!

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    Great song.

    There was a cover on an NME compilation a few years back that topped it – sort of danced up version.



    Thank you chaps. You have officially saved my brain. Had the darn song going in my head all blooming day (i was close to tears).

    Free Hugs at the bus stop for everyone 🙂

    While playing the track in Youtube I came a cross a very young Guy Martin ( he must have been very young in 1974).



    One of my favourites – allegedly written about Sophia Loren – great lyrics and resounding final verse “I remember the backstreets of Naples, two children playing in rags…”

    Not that you asked 😳 but … one of my guitar practice songs .. love this

    When the snow falls your found in St Moritz
    With the others of the jetset
    Where you sip your Napolean Brandy
    But you never get your lips wet
    No you don’t

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