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  • bomba

    Time of year for home insurance to hike premiums for no reason at all, so hunting around for other deals.

    Tesco Bank insurance seem to have come in with a stonking price. Specified a couple of expensive bikes but got the message: “They’re included in your contents and valuables in the home limit and don’t need to be specified on the policy.”

    Still reading my way through the policy document, but can’t see any immediate gotchas.

    My concern is that I do have to use them, Tesco are not reknowned for their customer experience, however, the underwriters (Ageas) also underwrite M&S and John Lewis. Also, their quote was over £300 than renewing with my existing premium.

    Anyone got any experience?


    Not experience of the Tesco Home policy but had Tesco car insurance. I had to make a no fault claim and they were superb. Sorted everything with minimum fuss and inconvenience.
    They even provided a rather nice C-Class Merc courtesy car which was a surprise given it was my pickup that was getting fixed.


    Were fine with me: stolen bike after 6 weeks of policy starting. They only deal with wheelies I think, and they’re maybe not the best bikeshop around, but the final settlement was good. Just had to explain that a Charge bike wasn’t really an On-One, so they gave me dosh instead.


    Cheers for the feedback, all.

    I’m in the same boat. But can’t for the life of me find such a good deal for bikes on Tesco. All information on the site says the maximum limit per bike is £1000, are yours below this, or am I missing something?


    Doug – what im increasingly finding is that bikes and other stuff will be covered to full value with alot of policys IF my garage is attached to the house and is accessable from the house via door without going outside

    Mine aint…….

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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