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  • Been diagnosed with Tennis elbow – right arm but also some signs in the left. I suspect it’s cycling related given it’s both arms and that it started after a particularly enthusiastic bout of singlespeeding over the summer, but probably also compounded by a lot of computer work.

    Not really painful, more of a constant low level annoyance at the moment and although it doesn’t stop me doing stuff, I do appear to be more clumsy than normal when handling small objects – is this normal?

    If anything it appears to be better after exercise – presumably because it gives the chance for the tendons to stretch.

    I’m laying off the singlespeed for a while (I may even swap it out for something more sensible) and only doing gentle rides (light offroad / lanes) but wondering whether I may be better laying off the bike completely for a little while. Have been doing a bit of running in the interim to try to keep fitness levels up and am also considering some physio.

    If I do stay on the bike would drop or swept handlebars help at all I’m wondering?

    Any real-world tips or advice to deal with it would be very much appreciated.



    particularly enthusiastic bout of singlespeeding

    That’s the best euphemism I’ve ever heard

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    Figure out exactly what it is that causes it and stop doing that – could take a couple of weeks, could take years. Mine took about 18 months to go. Was a dull, dull, time


    I found dumbell curls with a low weight very therapeutic.

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    For recovery it’s rest that’s the most important thing (as above @pied it took 18 months to go away). Then there are various excersizes you can do. If you try and go back too soon you’ll be stuck with it for years.

    In my experience it’s caused by “over gripping” so for tennis you increase the thickness of the grip either by buying a larger size or putting on two layers of padded grip tape. You could try that on the bike too (e.g. try more padded tape before changing bars ?). I am not sure if any of the tennis supports work but they might be worth a try.


    I was having tennis elbow type issues, mostly in the right forearm but also sometimes in the left.

    I had some intense massage on the right forearm and then used a grip exerciser to keep it at bay – rarely an issue now.

    The massager remarked on how ‘tight’ the forearm was.

    The powerballs are also a good exercise device.


    Ice and manipulation – target the spot and manipulate hard

    I used combination of tennis straps (make you feel like a junky if you are not careful!) and Vulcan elbow support.

    I have had it three times in past few years and just suddenly goes with ^

    Good luck, it’s a pain!

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