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  • MrNutt

    you can’t use regular air in them, Magura supply a special scented gas.

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    As the title. I am thinking of getting a set as the occasional use fork for my rigid SS. Worth while? Whats good, whats bad?


    Good – they just work. Had mine a year and done nothing with them and I commute year round off road. They seem happy to go where you want them to go. They often don’t seem to be there, in that the bikes rides the same with them or my rigid Pace forks, it’s just a lot more comfortable.

    Bad – they are heavy. At 60kg even with the softest spring and no spacers I can only get 50-60mm travel out of my 85’s riding cross country.

    I’d say they were ideal for a single speed if one of your criteria for riding a single speed is low maintenance and if you want a fork that makes riding what you ride on a rigid more comfortable without changing the overall feel too much.

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    I have 100 mm Odurs. I wanted forks that would work and last with minimal faff. I think they’re great.

    (MrNutt – you can’t use any air in them – they are a coil fork.)


    what do you think surrounds the coils UpQuickDownSlow? that would be the special scented gas then, oh yes.

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    They’re good. I’ve run the 100’s for a couple of rides to see how they go and I like ’em. They’re only about 0.5lbs heavier than the Menjas, maybe not quite a stiff steering-wise, but very good. I’m 90kg in my riding kit and found the stock out the box setup spot on.


    I have them on my ss, so far utterly reliable – equal to the Pace RC36’s they replaced. My all up ride weight is about 95kg and on the stock settings they are fine only bottom out when really hustling!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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