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  • Mr_C

    Going to Frankfurt on a course today, until Friday.

    I know exactly nothing about Frankfurt and I'm sure I'll regret asking, but does the STW hive mind know of anything worth doing/visiting in the evenings.


    nice riverside parks good for running, great metro, some great bars in the area opposite the rail station, its a pretty cool city IMO

    Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    Don't fly to frankfurt hann airport it is 2 hrs from frankfurt. riverside is nice, just by train station is where all kinds of adult entertainment can be found. over the river from the centre there are lots of nice restaurents, most hotels have really usefull guides to the city try and get one the first day. Have a good time


    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    They drink cider!! Or apple wine as they call it. Lovely stuff.

    Was there last September briefly. I have a friend who lives there and got the insiders tour.

    Fantastic place, can't wait to get back.

    Premier Icon curtisthecat

    I used to live in Frankfurt and still visit at least once a year. It is Germany's most Americanized city(due to actually being in the old American zone) and there used to be loads of army bases and GI's wondering around. That doesn't happen so much any more, so the area by the train station(Alt-Sachsenhausen) is loaded with places to drink. These range from traditional German Beer Cellars to quite a few Irish pubs. You could literally spend days here! Frankfurt also has lots of pedestrianized shopping streets if thats your bag. If you have time and want to escape the city, take the U Bahn to Bad Homburg and then a bus up into the Taunus(mountain above Frankfurt). There are miles of hiking trails(and biking) and loads of nice little traditional Inns. Hope this helps.


    Essential German business trip vocabulary:

    Finding the establishment you want: Gibt es einen Puff in der Nähe von hier?

    Expressing preferences: Tut mir Leid, Ich stehe nicht auf blonde, haben sie eine dunkelhaarige? : Gefesselt gern, aber nur leicht gefoltert danke. : Nein, nur mit die hände danke.

    Expressing gratitude: Das war geil, echt gut gemacht!

    Oh, and if your host offers to pay don't refuse, you might offend and it'll all go through expenses anyhow.

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