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  • tacopowell

    I’m looking at the charge spoon, £18 anyone any experience? Comfy? Ballbreaker?

    What else is there?

    General trail riding, anywhere between 10-30 mile rides.


    The Charge Spoon is excellent. Very comfy. Doesnt feel like a budget saddle.


    Superb saddle and great value.

    My overweight neighbour took up road riding and his bum was killing him, I recommended a Spoon and since then he hasn’t stopped talking about how comfortable it is!


    Ben wrote:

    Superb saddle and great value.



    Globalti sounds like a curry, hang on a minute… 😕

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Spoons are great but I find they pack down quite quickly and so need replacing more frequently than the Specialized saddles I also use.


    Excellent saddles – I got one for £12 on wiggle last year and it’s been excellent!


    +1 for Charge Spoon. Under £20 on ebay – you can’t go wrong.

    Madison Flux is similar shape. Think Gusset might do one too.

    Nothing else this good for the price!

    Charge spoon really comfy for my bum. Have one on the mtb and the tourer.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Spoon. Got one on the road bike as well. 100 miles in relAtive comfort…

    Premier Icon dawson

    another vote for the Spoon here.

    Premier Icon simmy

    Spoon +1

    To be honest, I only bought one because it matched the bike better 😳 but its been brilliant, really comfy even on long distances.

    Got one on my runabout bike as well and did 40 miles couple of weeks back which is a lot for me, but was fine.

    The one on my MTB is wearing a bit but I think this with the baggy shorts rubbing but its been used loads over nearly 2 years.


    The Spoon is about the best thing at that price point.

    I use one on my jumpy bike because they’re cheap to replace when my limited talent runs out. Pretty comfy, but I prefer my I Fly for longer rides.

    Going off on a slight tangent the original Bel Air was the comfiest saddle ever made.

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    I bought a spoon due to the rave reviews on here, it is as yet the first and only saddle that I hate!
    I must have an odd shaped arse or something but I would rather ride my carbon Toupe off road than the spoon!

    Premier Icon mudfish

    Yep, Spoon.

    Not as much “relief” as the Spesh ones but good if it suits your shape.
    Not expensive to try either.

    How about taking the opposite path:


    I’ve had a Gusset R for a couple of years and its comfy, light and still in good nick.

    That was £18.


    Spoon for me – but if you don’t like it, then it costs nothing to stand up!

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Alternatively, get a leather saddle from Spa Cycles for £35.00.

    They’re great.

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Thing about a spoon is that you can get one to try (for £17 at Triton right now) and if you don’t like it eBay it and get most of your money back.
    I’m a fan. I have oneon my HT but spent the first two or three days of last week commuting on my roadbike, to find myself saddle sore by Tuesday night. By Thursday morning Triton had sent me a Spoon, which feels like angels kissing and caressing my perineum in comparison to the Selle Italia X1 that came on my Cube. I have no idea why I put up with it for so long, apart from its colour coordination.


    On-one Bignose is also worth a try. Though mine got a bit squeaky after about a year. I also rate the Spoon; frankly I can’t see why anyone would spend any more when you have budget saddles this good.


    Like my Spoon but I’m loving the SDG Aliso I got for £12.50 from Wiggle in the sales. Thanks whoever posted that PSA 🙂


    another spoon here, the best value for money part i’ve bought hands down

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