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  • Taking the plunge to tubeless.
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    Bontrager Big Earl 2.35 TLR ARC if you can get one, ideally the wet model even for dry use
    Lots of grip as its dual compound but not as draggy as a SuperT HiRlr

    If not the the 2.5 non TRC might be easier to find, and seals tubeless well enough on Stans, touch lighter too

    If not, the Spesh Purgatory is a popular choice 2.3, substantial and rolls well here in the skippy chalky gloomy South Downs

    Nice with the new Ground Control on the back

    Good luck


    Hi all,

    I’ve read that lots of you are tubeless with a wide range of success stories. I’m gonna jump on board. The expensive part is over with a choice of Stan’s Arch EX on Hope Evo 2.

    I’ve been riding with a sticky HR on the front. I love the confidence it gives me but it really does sap speed. I noticed this when I swapped it to a Fire XC Pro the other day. I did swap back because it just doesn’t feel right though…

    This leads to a problem. I’m willing to consider all options and opinions but I’m in need of a tire that is very confidence inspiring yet also faster than a sticky HR. also, the new set of tires will need to be tubeless compatible in the proper fashion.

    I like big tires so would like something over a 2.3.

    Please let me know what your experience tells you I’d like best!

    Thanks in advance everyone.


    Hope pro 2 evos on stans flow shod with rubber queen fr and mk2 rear both black chilli, awesome grip and fast!


    Hans Dampf 2.35 trailstar would seem to be the obvious choice, certainly gives me a lot more confidence than a HR, Advantage or Rampage ever did. Spesh Purgatory is pretty decent to but still prefer the HD, an Ardent would be another option if you want to stick with Maxxis but not tried one myself.


    @ fuzzy, the HD gives you more confidence than a Maxxis HR! Cool, is there a certain one that’s best? Are they proper tubeless?


    @ Fudge, thanks but I can’t get on with Conti’s…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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