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  • made the mistake of trying these on at the weekend…they were supremely comfortable in the walk about the shop test.

    Does anyone have long term experience of them and have they lasted well? I’ve never had a pair of leather cycling shoes before so a bit concerned if they stretch and need extra care. I had set an upper limit of £130 for new shoes until i tried these on 🙁


    not the 74’2 but the red/white s-works. Very light and very stiff BUT they are very restricting. Normally a 41/7 but wished i went to a 42 instead. Because of the tightness your feet get cold unless its a warm day because of A/ lack of circulation and B/ you can only really wear thin socks with them. Fit wise their perfect and are brilliant at what they designed to do. Will be getting the mtb version soon but a better size

    Not sure if this helps a huge amount but I have had a couple of pairs of S works MTB shoes and have lasted really well.
    My only critisium of the latest ones (and much more applicable to Radoggair)are they are almost too stiff, not for cycling but anytime I need to get off and run they are a nightmare to use, they are so stiff that you get heel lift as there is no give at all in them. It’s not too much of an issue for 99% of the time but I would say they were useless for cross.
    Also do find the BOA dials get a bit gritty and sometimes need a bit of a pull on the “laces” to get them to release.

    I think it is the same sole so presumably just as stiff, however the 74 were a little more forgiving than the sworks in terms of fit as presumably the leather has a little bit more give. Im not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing long term though!

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    Does anyone have long term experience of them and have they lasted well?

    Normal S-Works shoes last fantastically, I have a pair of road and MTB ones from 2007 which are still going strong, and a pair of 2012 MTB ones which still look great. They’re all synthetic uppers though, no idea how the leather uppers last, I’d not want to use them in really wet conditions (even with over shoes).

    That, and the 74 ones look absolutely gopping!

    Had numerous pairs of Spesh shoes, including the 2013 s-works road shoe and they are so comfy its like wearing slippers (albeit with a rigid sole) Cant recommend them to people enough. Also got a 2010 BG Pro MTB pair that are still going strong, taking an absolute battering and still as comfy as the day I bought them.

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