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  • Premier Icon tootallpaul

    Me again- instructions emailed to those who have reserved a table…

    10/11 table gone- 4/5 remaining- who wants a shot?



    Premier Icon tootallpaul

    A couple of days to go…

    Who’s coming?


    Premier Icon Tiger6791

    I’ve got a couple of mates coming down, should be much bargain’ness !! 🙂

    Premier Icon tootallpaul


    I am hoping for a decent turnout!

    Premier Icon tootallpaul

    Boot is now full of goodies for the jumble- a lot of decent stuff as well…


    Inbred 29er Frame
    A ton of handlebars- Mary’s and Fleegles included
    A pile of stems- including a Raceface and a Thomson or two
    A mound of tires- cross, road and 29er
    A Retro Kona King Kikapu restoration project
    Shimano 105 Road Cranks, still in the box.
    Avid BB5 Brakeset, complete with rotors, levers and cables.
    A plethora of saddles, mechs and various bits and bobs.

    And lots lots more…

    And that is just from me!

    Open from 10AM – 2PM tomorrow.

    Forest Park Community Centre,
    Horndean Road
    Forest Park,
    RG12 0XQ

    Come on down tomorrow morning and bag a bargain!

    And if you want to come and sell, there are still a couple of spare tables.

    Premier Icon Tiger6791

    God I’ve got loads

    Loads of super stuff

    Campag 9 Speed Group Sets x 2
    Campag Wheels
    Richey OCR Wheels
    Carbon bars
    Carbon Seat Post
    More Mechs than you could ever want
    Some World Cup Carbon Steerer Rock Shox

    Bike Jumble Stuff by fantasticmrmatt, on Flickr

    Tootallpaul…. Could you you email a pic of the the inbred frame (if it’s a med or large). May ask you if you could hold for me as I will be popping in first thing (live a minute away from forest park)

    Corless at Hotmail dot Co UK

    Premier Icon tootallpaul



    It’s a 19.5″ frame…

    loads of tyres
    some wheels
    6 pairs of forks
    3 boxes of stuff

    There’d be more but I’ve only got one arm to get it ready!

    Premier Icon Tiger6791

    Gonna have some bargain homemade Avid bleed kits.

    About £14 on ebay. Linky proof

    The parts to make these cost me about £7 a pair.

    Can’t be bothered with them so £5 a pair!!!!

    photo by fantasticmrmatt, on Flickr

    Premier Icon tootallpaul

    Today’s the day!

    Come on down…

    Profits now spent in a mix of the greengrocer, sweetshop, and pub 🙂

    Premier Icon Tiger6791

    Had a good day,

    Sold: Rotors, Wheels, Forks, QR Skewers, Bleed kits

    Bought 😀 Wingnut, XTR Shifters, Hope Brakes, SLX Rear Mech

    Lot’s of bargains to be had, had to keep stopping myself and remember I was there to reduce the items I had


    Enjoyed it very much. Didn’t sell much, but had I wanted, I could have specced a frameless Cx bike and we could have easily built a bike or two to ride home on. That Ti singlespeed road bike was lovely.

    Thanks Paul.

    Premier Icon jeff

    Well worth the visit for me – will keep an eye out for the next one.

    Premier Icon tootallpaul

    Cheers for all who turned up. Shame there weren’t more punters!

    Still, I had a great time, and it was great to meet all of you.

    Will post up a few pictures tomorrow.

    Plans are afoot for the next one…

    Many thanks,


    Premier Icon jeff

    I think it’ll grow as word spreads – good effort guys!


    Had a good day too. Sold enough to make it worth my while but still plenty left for the next one.

    Friendly crowd too.

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