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  • Swine Flu/Manflu
  • AndyP
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    (ignore for a moment the sweeping generalisations within)

    99% of the time, a man gets a cold, and women make sarcastic comments about 'manflu'.

    Swine Flu media-led hysterical panic hits the country, and it's the women who are running around screaming we're all going to die at the slightest hint of a sniffle; whereas the men say 'it's just a cold'.

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    I think David Mitchells deconstruction of the Man Flu myth pretty much hits the nail on the head. (WORK WARNING: Link goes to video with audio that will autoplay).

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    uhuh. I've yet to meet any of these men who cower under the covers the instant they get a sniffle. All the men I know will still make it into work even if one of their arms has fallen off. "It's only a scratch."

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    I'm with Samuri – these manflu suffering men must all hang out somewhere I dont go.

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    I have swineflu at the moment – I'm still working, although from home so as to not infect everyone at work

    Mrs F is wrapped in a duvet shivering on the settee – she also has the dreaded lurgy.


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    The women at out place take 2.3 times the sick leave that the men do – in 2008 anyway

    Our HR were horrified that I'd checked the numbers
    & they didn't even think it was a good idea to investigate further 😕

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    At least it hasn't mutated into swanflu yet

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    At least it hasn't mutated into swanflu yet

    Wow, can you imagine…flu sufferers who might break yer arm with their flu-mutant wings if you look at 'em funny 😯

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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