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  • Premier Icon epicyclo

    I suppose if it gets really bad and wipes out a few of us, then that will solve the unemployment problem.

    The good news is that shares in undertaking companies should rise.


    Look on the bright side people, at least the media has something else to focus on for the foreseable future other than the state of the world economy and as a result some sort of confidence may start to return along with the on set of spring and general sense of well being that would normally bring.

    World Wide Pandemic ends world wide recession !!!!!


    I think I’ve got swine flu – I’m coming out in rashers.


    I was going to have enchiladas for dinner. Will it be safe ?

    Premier Icon thepurist

    Interesting stat is that ‘normal’ flu in the UK kills around 12,000 a year and infects millions – all without a murmur from the press. Last year there were fears that an Australian flu strain was going to cause chaos in the UK over winter, but I don’t recall people going into isolation wards when they sneezed after coming back from Oz.

    So WTF is there such a media hoo-haa this time?


    Avian flu is still a problem with cases being reported in Egypt.
    The reason these cases are taken so seriously is that the mortality rate is high.
    Nearly half of people who get Avian flu die compared to 12000 a year out of millions. Those 12000 are likely to be those who have other underlying problems or either very young or old, hence vaccination for those at risk but not the whole population.
    Currently avian fu does not seem to pass between humans and the vaste majority of cases have a direct link to poultry.

    Swine flu is a concern as it does appear to spread between humans however the mortality rate seems lower than for avian flu (but still higher than for seasonal flu)


    Its a government conspiracy to cover up the previous conspiracies to knock off Princess Di, up the anti against Muslims, Blunkett claiming for home and away Kennomeat for his mutt, and for GB being an Alien.

    I have no doubt whatsoever that someone will be along shortly to expose it in detail……. well not very much detail to be fair.

    (Personally I thought the use of Pigs was pure genius, as it has potential for all sorts of directions as we move along on the inevitable bandwagon)


    surival of the fitest! Im glad iv been trainning so much 😀

    Premier Icon Flaperon

    Less than 15 miles away from me, boarding up the house at the moment and heading out now to loot the local Somerfield.


    what a load of media crap , the drugs companys must be loving it , they gonna make so much money from this , if and when people start dropping at the rate of say 1000 a day, thats the time to start flapping. flu it happens , it will always happen , there will never be a cure.

    Premier Icon Nick

    too many people anyway, it’s either this or thermonuclear war, so you know it makes sense

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