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  • flatfish

    does any locals know what the singletrack/path that runs parallel to the motorway is? saw it as i was driving past today and it looks quite good.
    on the map it shows it between north wroughton and coate water park, sandwiched in between the motorway and a golf course.

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    See here: http://www.mbswindon.co.uk/

    The MB Swindon club has just been set up and they maintain the trail.



    I think the track you are on about runs the side of the golf club across coate water along the side of the motorway over the curly bridge and up to chiseldon

    IIRC most of it was sign posted to Marlborough (but I did move to Devon 5 years ago)

    The woods at the back of the Nationwide HQ were always a bit of a hoot but your best bet is to go out with Red Planet Bikes if they still do there tuesday night rides.

    I have just looked at the link from the above post well done guys

    For real riding sorry you have got to move

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    You saw the croft MTB trail. It is a bit minging at the moment due to rain/thaw and mud. I rode it on Sunday and was at a standstill in places. It needs some gravel down. But when dry the trail is a blast, just the ticket for a bit of evening malarky but it's not Afan. However, some guys got off their arses and built it so it deserves to be ridden and appreciated.

    The path at the bottom of the golf course is "cheeky" but nobody will ever say anything. It's nothing special though. There is also some "cheekyness" surrounding Coate Water and in Croft Woods itself.

    For real riding sorry you have got to move

    **** me, I've been pretending all these years 🙂 There's shitloads of good riding in the area for those that can be arsed to get out and find it.

    Hi, I'm from MBSwindon/Croft trail.
    We've got loads of plans for the trail, but we've been hampered by lack of funds and materials. We've set up a proper club, so we can apply for funding. We've also had a load of material donated to us.

    We're as frustrated as anyone by the muddy sections and intend to fix them all.

    We really need some more help on our build days. We've booked the probation service for 2 days and they will move material for us. So the volunteers can work on the more creative jobs.

    We've got a big push planned for March.
    Check out http://www.mbswindon.co.uk and Facebook for more info.

    MBSwindon are also organising rides in the local area and to trail centres in the UK.


    Big respect.

    We've spent the last two weeks flat out working on a new section at the trail. It should be open by this time tomorrow.

    Some videos.

    Build progress Feb – May 2010

    Latest section, we cut and surfaced 200m in a weekend plus one evening.

    I found these the other day.


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