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  • There’s one way to be sure.
    Put her in a boxing ring with a giant Ukrainian.
    If she loses, it’s broken.


    No, just go to A&E, it’s the only way to be sure!

    they might put it in sling 😆

    I’d sit in A&E for 4 hours, or pick your time to go and wait for less time . . . might be a pain in the bum, but going down there at 5 or 6 in the morning, you will likely get seen fairly quickly.

    Have a good feed before you go, take water, a snack, a read and your walkman, . . sorted.


    If it’s a broken little toe, it will be quite easy to move it outwards without any discomfort. All floppy like.

    A&E again – they will strap it to the next toe and tell you to come back in three weeks.


    Which toe? I don’t know about a big toe, but when i broke my little toe (accidentally kicked a chair across a room) i went to A&E. Waited for about 4 hours to hear that: yes it was broken (they didn’t x-ray); and no, there wasn’t anything they can do. I was just advised to take ibuprofen. Oh, and they did tape it to the next toe along as per rocketman’s post above.

    It took about 6 weeks to stop hurting, and i was majorly hobbling for the first week. I think your wife’s 10km race is a definite no.


    I kicked someone’s knee while sparring once and was worried it could be broken…after waiting around in A&E the doc wiggled it and asked “does that hurt”, to which I responded “a little bit”.

    He said I’d want to thump him to stop him wiggling my toe due to the pain if it was broken.

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    I broke my toe (or presume it was as didnt go to A&E) and there is no way I could have ran a 10k 4 or 5 days later.

    If she can run on it, it aint broken.. just tell her to WTFU!

    I’d chop her arm off first, then go to A&E. Just means you’ll be able to jump to the front of the queue rather than having to piss about waiting for 4 hours.


    I broke my big toe…the Mrs (who’s an A&E nurse) just laughed.

    No point visiting A&E. I doubt they’d x-ray it; just send you home with it strapped to the next toe as said above.

    It does take a good few weeks before the pain goes totally.

    If it’s a race for life she’s doing, don’t they normally walk them anyway <ducks for cover>



    Tom Boonen is currently riding the tdf with what looks like a very badly broken shoulder. WTFU 😉

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    lol @ schnullelieber

    colonel wax

    Stubbed my toe, my boss sent me down to A&E coz she was fed up of me hobbling around. (I work in a hospital).

    Waited for ages, they examined it, said it was probably broken, and they could strap it to the toe next to it, but then my foot wouldn’t fit in my shoe. I didn’t bother.

    Ibuprofen gel helped. Running on it didn’t.


    Wife stubbed her toe really badly last night and thinks she has broken it.
    Is there anyway to know short of sitting in A&E for 4 hours?

    There’s nothing u can actually do for a broken toe anyway isI there?

    Thing is she was due to do a 10k race for life on Sunday and isn’t sure if she should run. I am guessing if she is
    Not sure, then it isn’t broken?

    I broke two of my toes last week playing 5 a side .went to walkin [ limp in ] centre ,just got them strapped to each other.they won’t x-ray so no point sitting in A+ E for 4 hours with the olocal piss pots and not -rights


    +1 for telling her to WTFU.

    As long as it’s not a funny angle and gone blue there is nothing they can do. Same with ribs – if you can breathe okay and no bone sticking out then save yourself the trouble of wasting yours and their time.

    I probably should have gone to A&E about my thumb 2 weeks ago after I hit it with a 3lb lump hammer right on the side of the joint. I went out biking instead with it strapped up but when I picked up my bike to chuck it over a gate it clicked and I had all the movement back – joint is still not right and it still hurts because we suspect I cracked the joint but at least I put the dislocation back 😀


    See a Doctor.


    Can she still wash up and iron your pants?

    If so, no problems.

    If not call 999


    I fell down a little hole in the catacombs under paris, hurt like a bastard and had to wedge it with a dressing to stop it rolling around and causing more pain.
    2weeks later, back in the UK still giving the same epic amounts of pain, but the same, could not be **** going to A&E and sitting for hours for them to say ‘yes you’ve broken it, what do you want us to do about it’

    Turns out it WAS broken, (bothered to find out 3wks later) and the pain was from the fractured bit of bone digging its way into a bit of ligament (right word?), healed up by itself OK enough, no real harm done. Was the big toe.


    I have broke my toes 3 times,twice it was the actual toe,went to A&E and they gave it a severe case of looking it and told me to rest it and take painkillers,2nd time was more recently so didnt even bother with hospital after the other time.
    On the other occasion when I broke it,side of my foot was swollen up like a tennis ball,I walked round on it for 2 days(my mum convinced me it was just badly sprained) before it became unbearable and then went to hospital.
    The usual 4/5hr wait confirmed I had broken some of the long bones in your foot/toe(phalanges) ended up being in a cast for 6 weeks.

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