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  • Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Surprised at how heavy the SS wheels are in that Dirt link

    Weight: Front 822g, Rear 901g (27.5?)

    I just took delivery of a set of SS Tactic rims on Switch hubs with Sapim double butted spokes. On my scales the front was 835g and the rear 935g. Virtually no weight saving for an extra £400 on the carbon rims. Is it all down to the stiffness then?

    Premier Icon njee20

    Yep, few carbon rims are lighter than a light alu rim.

    Even the lightest Light Bicycle rims are on par with a Crest.


    Comparable width 29er rim is 15-20% lighter. But not a huge amount. Of course people do complain about Crests being flexy.

    The old SS report is a bit out of date now as rims have moved on a lot since then.

    My 35mm OD 29er LB rims are currently in customs. Got an old Hope Pro 2 front hub to use but thinking about one of the new Switch Ultra rear hubs but not seen any reviews yet.


    Pretty sure I sure a code on Facebook this morning for £100 off a set of carbon SS wheels??

    Premier Icon Northwind

    The old bath uni report was with an old Stren rim, not a useful comparison at all tbh, it barely even looked like an mtb rim. Apparently there’s a second report from teh same source with a lightbicycle rim (though the old process version one I think not the current design) but I’ve never seen it

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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