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  • Suitably challenging mtb event
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    I’m not a runner and everyone that knows me knows that! I hate it. However I have been challenging myself to do a 1/2 marathon in 1hr 40 in aid of a very very important charity in my family.

    the trouble is my knees have suffered something terrible and despite looking at numerous ways to fix. I hate backing out of promises made esp to family but the doctors are recommending I stop so guess I should.

    Through all this mtbing has been fine. Therefore I’m thinking that as a way of still doing something to raise money I take on an mtb challenge that is so far beyond my comfort zone it is a similar challenge to trying to run!

    Any thoughts? If it could be a group/organised event all the better. Preferably a fitness and skill challenge multi day would be good too.

    Let me know your thoughts and experiences of ‘epic’ events


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