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  • Just got back from the pub having spent most of the day putting up a new plastic clad ceiling in the bathroom and wiring in some spotlights. Got a card and a half bottle of Glenlivet at 7:30 this morning followed by the OH telling me that SHE was having a lie in.

    Premier Icon Coyote

    Watched the boy play rugby this morning. Lost to Wigan St. Judes but that was to be expected. Lusted over my Weber BBQ Father’s Day present. Just about to open my Old Speckled Hen. Happy.


    Got an early present yesterday, Mrs JJ said I could buy a road Bike… woohoo! just need to fork out what I want.
    Today, early ride round Swinley, quick breakfast and card, then off to youngest little JJ’s school to help set up the tea tent for Royal Ascot week.
    Eldest little JJ made some nice Strawberry shortcake for pud.
    Now sitting with a beer.

    Pretty similar to pys. This w/e boys at their Mum’s; I got a visit from youngest at 9am so he could collect his cricket gear after a few reminders to do so yesterday (no mention of father’s day though or the present I helped him buy which is upstairs in his room). The eldest left a voice message at 3pm but no visit. I’ve tried hard to teach it’s the thought that counts, seemingly not totally succeeding with that!


    Got woken up by a cup of tea and my two girls singing a special fathers day song they wrote!

    Then downstairs for a cooked breakfast with MTB UK (suprisingly OK considering I havn’t read it since the 90’s) and THE CYCLIST on the table along with a couple of craft ales for later.

    Wife unfortunately had to work so I got a coupon for a unrestricted day off sometime soon

    Took the kids to the beach with some friends and flew kites

    Went to pub on way back for a pint of LongMan beer

    Back now and drinking aforementioned craft ale whilst eating Pizza

    Premier Icon Alex

    Home made cards which seem to be mostly motif’d by a man holding a beer 😉 Day pass half used messing about on the bike pretending i was about eleven years old. Lazy afternoon watching WC DH with the occasional beer and then tucking into massive banoffee pie made by the youngest. So all in all not bad. Rang my dad for the first time in months, he wasn’t in. Bit of a relief all round really 😉

    Here’s the ‘pretending you’re still 11’ bit!

    Premier Icon LimboJimbo

    Woken by LimboJunior at an entirely civilised eight o’clock with cards made at nursery and some Daddy socks. Chilled morning playing Duplo with the lad after a bacon buttie and bucket of coffee. Then off to Ragley Hall for picnic and a bear hunt in the woods (didn’t find any). Roast chicken dinner and a bottle of Aldi Tempernillo on the go with cheesecake for after Junior goes to bed. Blessings counted.

    Little suckling learnt to ride properly yesterday no stabilizers are anything so we spent day out messing on bikes


    Kids really did me proud today, lovely. Breakfast, lunch and cake for tea! Afternoon at mayhem site. Still a row with the wife has restored normality.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    Pretty good for me. Mrs Danny was working so spent the day just me and babybgoode. Went to visit my mum this morning and went to the park and then home to cause chaos around the house.

    Best bit is my present was a subscription to STW taking advantage of the rather fine offer they have on ATM.


    Chilled with my children and my old man. Bikes not even had a look in this weekend.

    potty training no1 man am i goosed but he’s got a chest full of stickers so extensive he looked like a soviet general. proud dad. got out on the roadie for a couple of hours including dropping the old boys card off and a big crash grating most of the flesh from my arse an scuffing my 4 day old shiny shiny wheels. BASTIDS! still sipping a beer and listening to meringue now.

    Premier Icon H1ghland3r

    The Mrs and my 2 boys let me have a lie in and I was greeted with many hugs and a bacon buttie when I finally surfaced. Then presented with thoughtful and well considered gifts and left to watch the WC DH, Dauphine final stage and the Tour of Switzerland. Yeah happy me.
    Decided to take advantage and go for a quick couple of hours on the MTB for the first time in a few weeks and it all went wrong from there.
    Suffice it to say I am now restricted to the road bike until I can get the cash together to replace the now knackered 575, will have to arrange a suitably viking style funeral for the old girl. Shame too as she was just a few months from her 10th birthday.. 🙁


    Got a card, went to work, now at home having a drink.

    Working in the bike industry does mean going to work did involve watching the world cup 😉

    Premier Icon Tracey

    We took Kevin out into the Peak for a fathers day ride, passed the remnants of last nights rave and finished off on the trail that shouldn’t be used if its been wet. It was remarkably dry and in good condition, the drainage channels that have been dug seem to be working. Didnt see another rider until near the end where we popped out at the side of the Ladybower In for tea. A good day all round.

    7 hour drive back from a stag do in Newcastle.

    Didn’t realise it was fathers day until a couple of days ago – it’s my first one!

    I did get this picture message though on the way back….

    A mixture of pride and disappointment for me yesterday.

    Five and a half month old mini RRR thoughtfully booked me a helicopter ride (co-pilot’s seat no less) over Stanage edge and the surrounding area for yesterday.

    However he didn’t have the foresight to check the weather forecast so it had to be cancelled 🙁

    He did however then buy me lunch at the fox house inn so it wasn’t all a complete dissapointment 🙂

    Got woken up with a nice cuppa and a breakfast of Greek yogurt and fruit, also got given some herb pots and a bottle of Rioja. After putting my tyres on my new wheels we all went to Conwy for icecream and mooch around the shops. I then had a nice relaxing afternoon watching the cycling before putting the roast beef in the oven which was superb and enjoyed by all and scored brownie point with the inlaws.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    This was my present, extra riding time 🙂


    That’s great wwaswas, I shall have to show my wife that so she understands what’s expected.

    I had a pretty good Daddy day. 2 bikes rides!
    out for 7am for a 15 mile pootle, during which I was passed by 4 roadies who were very friendly and one of them shouted as they passed ‘come on tuck in,’ me in baggies on a 26″ hardtail. ‘I’ll have a go’ I replied and duly did so and kept up (swoon) whilst chatting about cycling for a couple of miles until we parted routes. I love it when random strangers are friendly.
    Then I spent all day with my little girl who has ‘chicken spots’ at the mo while the wife went shopping for holiday clothes. We watched ‘spikabul me’ and then played in the garden. We had our meal about 4 and then me and my mate went over cannock about 6 and did the Monkey, bone dry and dusty, Cannock’s always a treat.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Has MrsWWW got a sister?

    My fathers day ended by watching LittleMissMC sobbing with fear as her swimming teacher tried to coax her into the big pool to go out of her depth as she is just about done in the shallow training pool.

    As a reluctant swimmer myself, I felt for her. But show her a 4″ wide gymnastics beam and she will happily cartwheel along it. Kids, eh?

    ^ there is a sister yes but you wouldn’t erm want to . Erm no.
    Just no..

    I think I was spoiled (spoilt?) as it was my first Father’s Day. I expect next year it’ll be socks or a lynx deodorant …

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    I think WWW has misread the certificate. That’s your next year’s allowance! 😀

    Premier Icon DezB

    This was my present, extra riding time

    “Resentment free” 😆
    What’s written on the paper isn’t always the reality eh?

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    What’s written on the paper isn’t always the reality eh?

    I don’t know what you might mean. #innocentface


    Fairly shit but got a lot done.
    The ex had booked to take the kids away with her so didn`t see the kids at all. Fairly crap.
    Although did manage to paid the house and burn the next-door neighbours garden down. It did need it.

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    Am I the only one saddened by the fact that grown men have to have some sort of pass just to go and keep themselves healthy & sane.

    I’m not a father but am the principle carer for a wife with totally debilitating MS, she positively encourages me to go out riding as she understands its who I am.
    There are a few on here that I know personally who have multiple children yet still manage plenty of riding and a good family life.

    All of us need a little down time, you can be a dad and still ride.

    Boba Fatt

    First fathers day for me

    Still had to do the early feed so no lie in, for some reason I ended up doing more than I normally do any other day of the week.

    In-laws came over for home made lasagne and beer. The missus had organised a hand print on baby boba-ette in a frame with a picture of her in the floppy hat that makes me laugh and a pint glass with #1 Daddy on it. A day of baby smiles made it a pretty good one 😀


    I was thinking the same MrOvershoot!

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    All of us need a little down time, you can be a dad and still ride.

    I normally get about 6 hours a week (an evening plus a sunday morning) plus maybe a lunchtime so 8 hours riding a week, say.

    This doesn’t feel like it’s too little but sometimes I get asked to do longer rides at a weekend and this can cause problems fitting in around family life, children etc. I understand this so tend not to ask as a smack in the mouth often offends (joke! but it has caused friction trying to balance my desire to ride a bike with hers to spend time with me and the family when she’s not around much during the week).

    My wife thought it would be a nice gesture to give me some ‘free’ extra time to spend how I wanted either with lots of smaller extensions to existing rides or a couple of big days out.

    I don’t understand what the problem is personally – it felt like a nice gesture and the wording around it made me laugh.

    Please don’t feel sorry for me, I couldn’t cope.

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    I’m not feeling sorry for you 😉

    Don’t worry I have my own guilt transference in my life. It was more of a slight unease with the tone of the allowance?

    Probably best to ignore me at the moment as I’m on holiday in Northumberland & have ridden almost every day 😀

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    I had a boss day. Taken to the Anderton boat lift, then taken out for a curry to a great curry house we know near Wigan,

    Thanks Mrs. Coolhandluke.


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