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  • Stump Grinder
  • wicki

    Any one know if i hire a two wheel stump grinder 30hp will i grind a stump 3 foot across in a days hire?


    ive used one from the local hire shop a few times. Like this one
    Its an amazing machine and ripped through two oak stumps of approx half a meter each and a pine stump of the same size in about 4 hours in total

    Ooh, didn’t know these existed. It now appears that I have wasted many bits of weekends digging out stumps!

    Thinking on, Is there any kind of disc I could use in my 9″ angle grinder to do a similar job with shrub-type stumps?


    They’re big old things to manhandle and it’d be easy to do a lot of unintended damage with one.

    We hired a tree guy to remove a stump from our garden. His grinder went through it like a dose of salts.

    Not something I’d like to do myself.


    they are big and heavy machines and do require a bit of manhandling to get the job done but they are mightily effective. I also find the process of reducing a stump to sawdust with one of these things quite enjoyable! 🙂

    Premier Icon joat

    Size is not a problem if you have the right technique!
    Should be plenty of videos on you tube, the idea is to attack it from the side, shearing off the face, rather than digging a hole in the top. Insist on new cutting teeth though, it makes the world of difference.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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