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  • ndthornton

    I realize I can still record without a data connection and upload later but can I do multiple rides before uploading?

    I’m not sure I even have WIFI where I am staying

    Hmm wouldn’t like to say for sure. Best way to test it is just to turn off the data on your phone now, and just record yourself walking around the car park a few times… then see if it works 🙂


    I don’t think there’s a limit for offline rides in the Android app. I’ve certainly recorded 4 or 5 without any problems.

    I almost always have data turned off anyway.


    I recorded a fortnight’s worth in germany and uploaded them when I got back. There probably is a limit but it’s more than 8 or so.


    I recorded a load of runs when I was in Koh Samui and uploaded them en masse when I got back, so it definitely works ok like that with a Garmin. Not sure about the app, but I assume it just stores as many as you want to put on it and then just uploads whatever you ask it to – can’t see why there’d be a limit…



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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