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  • Strathpuffer newbie – advice please?
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    Any suggestions on 29er ice tyres?

    Buy them now are a good start


    Afternoon all.
    I’m planning on enterinig the STrathpuffer in January 2012 as part of a team (hopefully – if not I’ll be solo), and I’m looking for advice and the benefit of others experience.
    I ride 29ers and wondering whether to go hardtail (I’ll need to convert my SS as I’m pretty sure I’ll need gears), or my Niner RIP9 full sus.
    Any suggestions on 29er ice tyres? I’ve heard they’re pretty much an essential.
    I need to get fit as well. This year has not been a good year for riding for me and I want to get fit over the winter with the STrathpuffer being the first of many events I’m heading into. Anyone have any trainng plans they could share? I’m time restricted but close to trails in Swinley forest and ride road as well.


    mr plow

    Use the bike with the biggest brake blocks and cheapest drivetrain. Oh and don’t ride into the burn/pool near the top at night, it is cold.


    Thanks uplink, but I can’t see any 29er spike tyres on
    Are you sure they do them? The only ones I can find at the moment are on chainreaction, but they look more like they’re designed for road than MTB use. I can’t easily tell, but they’re only 1.5″ wide so not exactly bulky


    Mr Plow – You’d go for the hardtail and not full suspension then?


    get fit? cycle a lot. throw up. cycle some more. and then do some hills


    Brake pads:

    Get sintered (I used Clarks)

    Burn them in on the turbo trainer by pedalling against the brake as much as you can for 5 min.

    Then 30 min at 200degC in the oven.

    Hang them in the oven rather than on a baking tray and let them heat up and cool down with the oven. This will reduce the risk of the material coming away from the backing due to differential expansion of the two. Make sure you get ones that have the friction material keyed into the backing plate too.

    I used only 3 sets last year in 24 laps and only changed them to be on the safe side. The set that were in there at the end did another 3000 miles.


    cracking – Thanks DaSilva. Good tips.
    I’m leaning towards a geared hardtail for this. I ride 29er and I’m struggling with spike tyres – the only ones I can find are on CRC butthey’re only 1.6″ wide and I’d normally assume wider is better for this.
    Any comments?


    ICE!! People sliding everywhere at the start, all the up the hill and back down! The top guys were generally running spikes but most people just done the best they could. It did eventually thaw but was pretty treacherous at first. It’s surprising how quickly people get back up after a fall. Wether your bike will be unscathed, I don’t know.

    Brakes, the track munchies through them, so always carry a set.

    Make sure you keep taking food and water on board, a few folk were sugar crashing at the top marshal point.

    Plenty of spare clothing.

    If you’re going as a team and want to do your absolute best, try and get another person to act as a team manager, organising the rota, keeping you fed, bike working etc – and listen to them.

    There is a fair competition for the prime camping on the course so get there early if you want it.

    Lights, brighter the better. USE did have a charging station this year which was handy.

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