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  • cullen-bay

    woop woop… puffer. Whats your team name?


    Just bought a DX Bike lights that have been getting raved on about on here for weeks. Got this one

    Now trying to get a light for my helmet. So what to get??? Looked at the P7 torches and looks like what I want, but cant find on that lasts any more than an hour. Need something light, under £50 and that will last me 2-3 hours at a reasonable power. Any recommendations? I know I can change the batteries but don't want to keep doing it through the race.(I'm in a team of 4 so will probably only be doing 2 laps max at a time.)

    xan – I'd go with a P7 torch and buy a few batteries. You'll only need to flick it on for downhills and technical bits as the light from the bar mounted lighted should be enough for climbs and flat sections. I have used a couple of torches from DX since last year which have both been pretty reliable.


    doesnt help you one bit but i may have gona bit mental with the lighting ….

    today a maxx D , a joystick and a 3 cell piggy back battery arrived for the use of me at relentless and the puffer :s


    Ive done it solo twice and begged borrowed and stole as many lights as i could off mates and whatnot. Ended up turning them off on the fireroads when the moon was out and saving light for the techy bits.

    Those tesco torches are good for the fire road climb, use proper lights for the singletracks and DH bits.

    In a team of 4 you might have time to recharge your lights depending on the weather conditions – never forget the lad i went past who was on his first lap in a team of 4…. at 5pm!


    Team name is seX Factor – The Rejects :P. What bout yourself??

    Think I'm gonna give one of the Tesco P7's a go and see what I think. Seem cheep enough. Never though about only needing the helmet light for the downhill and Technical Bits.

    Was thinking about a joystick, but the cheaper the better TBH as I'm getting new wheels and a new Crank set before puffer so cant spend too much lol


    I have bought one of these for my lid as they were getting good reviews over on BR..

    How tough is the puffer course?? Im contemplating it 😐 😆


    The course is great, proper Scottish riding with lots of nice rock sections, steep bits, fast bits. Its the weather that makes all the difference to the course though – the ice in 2008 foxed a lot of people but there were ways round it. Best 24hr course because you know when you go out there are sections to look forward to as opposed to Sleepless etc where all you have to look forward to is packing up and going home on Sunday afternoon if it tips it down.


    I am going solo with home made lights – and I hope to blag some off 2pure to help out. They are usually there and helpfull to pleas for help

    17 hrs of darkness – anyone know a cheap supplier of AA batteries that my home brew lights run on?

    No solo places left BTW


    haven't tried those. team name will be Squarewheels Racing team. would have been Squarewheels Under 16 team (a-la 10 more in moray) but we have an adult now. 🙂

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    TandemJeremy – Member
    …17 hrs of darkness – anyone know a cheap supplier of AA batteries that my home brew lights run on?

    Last year I did rundown tests on my battery lights using Tesco's finest. I got a good life out of them, so for the race I used Duracells and ran out of light. Tescos lasted longer!

    Moral, do some testing first.

    I'll be using AyUps this year so I'll have plenty of light. You're welcome to walk around behind me 🙂

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