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  • Stolen – Sheffield
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    Posting on behalf of a customer- had their laptop nicked too.

    Stolen from Sheffield:

    2 x Black Turner 5 spot, 1 with silver chainstays. 1 x Small, 1 x Large. Older horst link 5 spots.
    Both very similar spec- Hope M4, Shimano XT, Raceface Kit, Fox TALAS 130mm.

    Keep an eye out, eh? And get yours locked up, there's been a few of these recently. (These were in the house!)


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    where in sheffield si? This is beyond a joke!

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    I know, how many stolen have been reported on this bbs alone.

    Did they force entry or was it house unlocked

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    forced entry, during day. Woodseats, using a car stolen from Whirlow.

    She was quite happy- we'd had her newer, fave bike in for some work the last few day- it should've been in exactly the same place..

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