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  • khani

    Too much spoke tension, Stans rims are built with lower tension than eyeletted rims as they have no thingys in the rim holes..maybe….

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    These wheels were first built at the beginning of last year, a new hub was put in at the end of March2011, they stopped being my main wheels in January.

    I went to put them back on a bike yesterday and found this on about 10 of the nipple holes. Opinions invited!

    Grrrrrr, I’ve just gone and bought some after everyone on here said I’d imagined all the sotries about spoke holes cracking. Think I’ll be doubling up on the nipple washers!


    Just don’t over tension them and they’ll be fine…Allegedly… 😉


    I’ve come to the conclusion that stan’s rims are made of monkey metal and will try spank’s new oozy evo rims after my Arch Ex has decided it doesn’t much care for being circular.

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    It’s because It’s white. You should clean the rim with a sponge rather than a brush so you don’t scratch your stickers.

    On a serious note, how evenly tensioned were they? If some spokes were tighter than others this might happen. I used the same tension on mine as hope do on the hoops. I’m sure It’s more than the 100 kgf stans suggest but I find they don’t stay true with only 80 on the non drive side.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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