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  • rogerthecat

    At least the trail bike riders in the film are riding through the standing water rather than riding around it and further eroding the trail. We live next to a green lane and have trail bikes up here most weekends, the majority ride responsibly but some, like the idiots riding a quad, some sort of mini crosser and a trail bike, like FMX riders on Dirtlow Rake on Sunday are idiots. They ride bridle ways at a speed the is dangerous to anyone over a hump or around a corner. A bit like some idiots on MTBs who also ride cheeky trails. But that’s ok because that’s us, not them.

    @BWD if you can spend £10ks to buy land to stop paragliders you are very well funded. Your points re social aspect of rambling and riding are well made, don’t we have a huge body called the CTC that we could mobilise? If MTB riders join en masse then we will have a voice within a national body that is recognised, has history and a voice.

    Re driving and riding off road as a pastime, there have been historic motor trials almost as long as there have been cars and bikes.


    Eeen wrote:

    Do you know if anyone has written to him asking about his selective views on access?

    A large number of people have written to him about access to rivers, and received unhelpful replies. See and

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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