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  • SRAM gear cables – don't laugh
  • yoshimi
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    Need 2 new ones – do I really need 1.1mm ones?

    I use SRAM XO 9speed shifters and mech and know that the ends of the shimano ones don’t fit in the XO shifters

    I’ve replaced loads of these before……god knows why I doubting which ones to get now


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    Say what! Fear cables are standard issue size?

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    Just get the 99p ones from Wilkos, you’ll be fine! 🙂

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    I fitted X0 shifters and I had no idea that they required special cables? I just bought gear cable from Halfords, I think they were Clarks pre-lube ones. They seem to work fine…

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    Shimano cables are 1.2mm SRAM are 1.1mm

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    as above 1.2 and 1.1, ends are the same,
    Not an issue if used with the correct size outer.
    some people who are very sensitive will notice a less than perfect shifting if a 1.2 is used in 1.1 outer (to much friction) and with a 1.1 in a 1.2 casing, (bit to much movement/slack to take up before shifting)

    Again not a problem if used same make cable/outer

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    AFAIK (and may be wrong), Gripshift works best with 1.1mm cables, so that’s the origin of/reason for SRAM 1.1mm cables. 1.2mm will work fine with SRAM trigger shifters.

    I also found that cheaper cables (such as Jagwire) seem to corrode over time, leading to shifting issues – unlike Shimano and SRAM inner cables.

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    Right then……ordered 3 Clarkes pre-lubed universal gear cables from Amazon £1.79 each, unknown diameter but looks like one end is the shimano fitting and the other SRAM

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    The lump on the end is not Shimano or SRAM specific its the same for both
    It the diameter of the cable that changes
    For trigger shifters does not seem to make any differnace
    With gripshift the thinner 1.1mm cable works better IMO

    Edit just had a measure up and normal Clarke cables have a 4.0mm end and the genuine SRAM one is bigger at 4.25 mm

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    I also found that cheaper cables (such as Jagwire) seem to corrode over time

    The cheapest cables are not stainless steel, but are galvanized steel. These can rust after a while. Surprisingly, Gore Ride-On cables are galvanized, not stainless. I’ve had two of them rust through and break on me! I would avoid galvanized cables completely.

    Jagwire makes a whole range of cables; from el-cheapos to very high quality ones. I would have no concerns about using any of their stainless cables.

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    The different ends are mtb/roadie.
    Univrrsal inners fine

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    1.1 does have marginally less friction which must get you a little more life out of it.

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