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  • Squirt lube – any good for winter conditions?
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    I think Squirt works great in dryish conditions but not really tried it in full-on grimness. It calls itself a dry lube, but I assume that means it dries on the chain rather than being a reference to suitable conditions.

    Anyone got an opinion? 😉

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    Based on my experience I’d say definitely not for wet riding. Tbh I’ve found that it sees just a hint of water & it disappears.

    I’d agree, I thought it was great initially, but even wet summer conditions saw it disappear within 30-40km. I wouldn’t mind so much but its not exactly a lube you can re-apply on the trail.

    It seems to last better on the road bike though, I did 70 or 80 miles in filthy wet conditions and the chain still seemed OK, not sure how that works?


    Its great in the dry, not too good in the wet.


    I’m on RnR extreme now..tried green oil the other day but the chain needed degreasing when I returned which I’ve grown to loath after using squirt over the summer


    The Scottoiler works OK. Fitting it can be fiddly, but its easy to use.


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    Ran it all summer on two chains, probably built up a fair coat on the chain. An application just about lasted a lap at the rainfest that was D2D this year, but that was with no time to dry off after application. I’m not sure when lube needs reapplying- I apply before a ride, if the chain starts squealing before i’m done then it needs reapplying. Sunday, in the wet in Surrey it was about 15 miles. I’m sticking with it though- it’s worth it for the clean shifting and drivetrain.

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    Personally I found Squirt pretty good so fair this Autumn/Winter. However the problem I have is that now the temperature has dropped, when I put it in it doesn’t dry like it did in the Summer…I put it on the day before a ride and it’s still milky white and wet the next day. Therefore switched to RnR Extreme


    Good for 1 hour in wet but any longer it does wash off – OK in mud but copious water does seem to wash it off 🙂


    slight hyjack-R,n,R extreme is a great winter lube then..


    I did 3 hours today in rain from some swamp biking through the woods to a beachride and…well the Alfine drivechain was still smooth at the end and as mentioned the drivechain is just so clean after…
    im sticking with it over winter as i think wear is reduced with it…
    guess it all depends on where you ride and grit conditions? 😮


    I can recommend Squirt highly…works amazingly well and seems to stick to my chain in all conditions…


    I wasn’t impressed with it for anything other that dry conditions. Used R n R extreme and found it didn’t last either. Going to go back to Finishline Wet or Pedros.


    Yep, very good, clean lube in the dry but does get washed off pretty easily in the wet. I’ve gone back to purple extreme for the winter.


    Muc Off Wet Lube… great for winter has to be tried to be believed:


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