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  • MrNero50

    The ones i’ve met, are bonkers, but all spaniels are!,

    We’ve a working cocker, people comment how chilled he is, but I think it’s more to do with how you treat/act around then. He is our first dog.

    Expose them to as much as possible, going out into town, other dogs, weekends away and they soon work out when they can go nuts!

    Spaniels are ace! 😀

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    Youngest daughter has just got one, a friend has two.

    Not mad at all – highly intelligent, well behaved dogs, but they do take quite a bit of training to get them that way.

    If you want one, why not get one?

    Need a hell of a lot of walking and if either parent is a working dog, even more then that. 😀

    Cockers and Springers were originally the same breed, so no inherent problems with the cross.

    We have a springer lab cross who is brilliant . My mate has a springer and ours is jut a little bit calmer i think . Ours gets on average an hours walk a day ( 1 big one or 2 smaller ones )but she is also happy with a day with the back door open and pottering around but she has that spaniel part which just runs and runs .

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Springer / Cocker cross – any experience?
    Are they as bonkers as springers?
    Considering one as a first dog, but concerned it would be a handful.
    I work from home, so no problems with leaving them etc, 2 cats and 2 kids already (6&9) whaddya think?



    Well, what can I say… the lawn and slabs 😯
    The dog is handsome though 🙂

    Needs a Photo shopped background 🙂


    Not all spaniels are mental. Most of the stringers I know are perfectly calm. Can be manic but theyre mostly chilled. A friend of ours has a sprocker and its asleep most of the time. Until you get out then its all go. Same as my springer to be honest. I think it’s all down to their training. If you don’t do any they can get a bit unruly.
    I know lots of other dogs of lots of breeds all of which are significantly more mental than my springer is. She hangs around my shop with me for most of the day and you’d barely know she was there.

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    Cheers guys – food for thought 🙂

    b r

    Our (Working) Springer is a chilled hippy, our (Working) Cocker on the other hand…

    Premier Icon Del

    I have a welshy/field spaniel cross. by and large pretty mellow. gets plenty of exercise but doesn’t throw her toys out the pram if it’s a lazy day. aware that I’m quite fortunate!


    I have a Sprocker.

    He’s a right bastard. If a pride of lions had a squeaky toy, he wouldn’t think twice about jumping in.

    Had spaniels now for nigh on 25 years
    Current pair Welsh Springers.
    Cracking dogs great with the kids, are fine as long as they aren’t bored.
    Train them well to whistle & hand signals & should be OK. Just don’t let them run riot from an early age & avoid running uo & down stairs early on in life.


    No idea what a Sprocker would be like (and I generally don’t like mixing it up) but we’re on our third working cocker and this one really is as mad a ballon but a brilliant worker and simply adores her dad 😀


    I can’t believe I’ve been on the planet 40 years, and only now I find the word ‘Cocker’ amusing.

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