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    The velcro on the helmet mount held up alright on it’s 1st outing. Had the battery in my pack so don’t know about that one.

    Only thing that I noticed is that there seems to be absolutely no difference between the high setting and “commuting” setting when switching through. No bother really as I run it on high all the time as only have it switched on for the tech bits.

    Mine came the other day – excellent. Not used them yet but I’ve two questions for other users…

    – first up, I’ve fully charged them, switched them on in a darkened room to see how bright they are and was very impressed. They were only on for a few seconds and the button was green. Unplugged them and put them away. Did the same last night to show the wife and the button is now blue. Looking at the instructions, it seems that the button glows blue as the battery drains. Is it only green when its 100% charged? How much runtime have I got when it turns blue? Like I said, the lights only been on for about 20 seconds total on a fully charged battery.

    – second, how secure is the rather flimsey feeling velcro battery holder? Unlike other (Hope) lights I’ve had, the velcro needs a fair bit of welly to undo but it seems a little insecure on the Spoke light. Not sure whether I should double up and fit a toe strap or something around the battery and frame as well? Same goes for the head mount. Velcro doesn’t seem that sticky!


    Premier Icon crispo

    Used my new light on a little outing last night, just a couple hours blast around the local woods. Firstly overall was very impressed by it!

    The light it gave out on high was more than ample for even the techy downhill bits, I tended to find the low setting was fine for everything except flying downhill quickly! I was comparing it the a Hope 4 that the guy I was riding with had and IMHO the light was just as good as that coming from the Hope.

    It was a wet night and seemed nice and water tight and the mounting bracket kept it very well in position all night.

    In referance to those points from DBW I was a bit worried about the velcro but wrapped it round my stem and it was fine, aslong as its wrapped round nice and tight it coped with being shaken about fine. I was also out for about 2 hours and the light stayed green for about an hour then was blue by the way back, i guess its because its got 5 different light colours that its gets through them a bit quicker than green then straight to red.

    Overall we came to the conclusion for £88 its a cracking light!


    If you switch from high to low and back again quickly you don’t see any difference in brightness – it takes a few seconds for it to fade down from high to low after you’ve clicked the switch. It doesn’t mention this in the manual, so I thought mine had a problem until I was a bit more patient!

    RCD tripped yesterday and the house went dark – using the iPhone as a torch I tracked down my SpokeLight and reilluminated the living room causing a “bloody hell, that’s bright!” reaction. Briefly tested in the locale and it’s a nice wide beam, low setting looks good for matching with my helmet light on super tight woodland singletrack, high setting more than enough for full speed on the straight bits.

    The velcro is a bit weird – like they’ve forgotten to put the loop side on and are relying on the hooks gripping on gently fuzzy fabric. However it seems pretty secure against being jolted despite being very easy to unpeel. We shall see…

    Cheers guys – any idea about the blue light?

    Put it through a few more charging cycles? Some batteries take a while to reach full capacity.

    Premier Icon muggomagic

    If you switch from high to low and back again quickly you don’t see any difference in brightness – it takes a few seconds for it to fade down from high to low

    ok. I was only switching through to turn it off anyway. How much longer do you get on the low setting?


    Reckons on 9hrs from the low setting, apparently….

    Guys, check the instructions in the box (great english / chinese translations 😉 ) and the website. Some of the stuff is on there.

    IIRC “commute” setting was c.9hrs.

    Not used mine yet on the bike. Only thing I have noticed is the light flashes when first connected to battery. Not that I perceive it as an issue.

    Imagine the velcro will rough-up with use.


    Hello my lovelies.
    Glad you’re liking the light.
    One of my jobs was to re-write the instructions – but ran out of time.

    The fade down onto the low setting takes about 5 seconds – I didn’t think it was dimming at all when we received the prototype, but it does….

    The light goes from green to blue fairly quickly, but it’ll stay blue for ages. 8 of us were out the other night, 5 of them had Spokelights and they were into blue for over 2 1/2 hours. I was the only one who forgot to charge the night before……

    As for the velcro, it’s not velcro – it’s this new dual lock stuff. Seems like it doesn’t stick – but it’s like poo to a blanket. Never had a battery pack come off, but I would say that….

    Cheers for that – Dalby tonight for its first outing and gave it another charge last night just to make sure. Looking forward to using it!!

    Chris M

    Mine came yesterday too 😀

    First impressions, it’s extremely bright. In fact it made both Hope 2’s look like candles in the wind in comparison!
    I also thought I had a problem with the power settings, until I also realised I had to be more patient…

    Mine had its first proper outing last night. Ran it on the bars on low on the fireroads and singletrack, switching on my Fenix headlight on the singletrack. They match up very nicely brightness-wise, ~300 Lumen flood from the bars, ~200 Lumen spot from the head, gives a good even spread of light without turning everything into daylight. Could certainly ride just as fast as I would in the daytime, which is my benchmark for if a light does the job! On the few open fast bits I turned the Owlet (as it’s officially called) up to full power, which really is very bright indeed. Can’t be that far behind the Maxx-D I borrowed in sheer brightness.

    Suspiciously easy to unpeel ‘velcro’ proved infallible in practice. Mount wasn’t wobbly and was easy to adjust without tools. Battery status LED went from green to blue after two hours riding, mostly on low – looks like I won’t be needing to charge it very often! All in all, very pleased so far.

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