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  • cooie

    I need some spokes for a Flow EX 29 on Pro 2 Evo, 291 left and 290 right.
    I’ve used DT Comp before for 26 builds, so thought I would get the same from CRC, but they don’t do 291. Could I use all 290 or should I use 292 in place of 291?

    I’d go for 292 – that way at least if they prove too long you can file a bit off the end. If you have a long spoke you can alway shorten it!!

    Either that or it’s have less thread engaged in the nipple with a 290.

    Premier Icon Orangejohn

    I can’t recall what size CRC sent me! however:

    I ordered what I worked out that I needed from a spoke calculator, I went for the closest that I could to the calculations but then made sure that I had 16 of one length and 16 of the next length slightly longer.

    I put my plan re the sizes and build plan in the free text box and someone at CRC re calculated the sizes needed (the same build 29er P2 as you).
    The spokes they sent me were different from my calculations but built up nice and easily into a good wheel.
    Someone working there knows there stuff and is very helpful!

    From my (not very good) knowledge of the subject either length will do but I have always felt better having a shorter spoke Driveside Rear or Discside Front i.e. different length spokes. But I guess you could still build a reasonable wheel if they were the same length – there is a fair amount of tolerance.


    Thanks for that.,
    Orangejohn where is the free text box?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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