Specialized Max 2010 Helmet – anyone got one?

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  • Specialized Max 2010 Helmet – anyone got one?
  • ross980

    Does anyone have one of these ? I need a new helmet as my Met one is slightly too small and is uncomfortable after 3-4 hours (crap for winter too as it's far too tight with a buff underneath it). I used to have a Specialized helmet I was very impressed with (retired it after crash though).

    My head is about 60-61cm which is right on the upper limit of those 'one size fit all' helmets and I rather have something that I can adjust to be bigger than that for winter. However, I can't find anywhere that has the size of the Specialized Max one (descriptions only that its XXL).

    Alternatively, anyone have any other recommendations? Size wise I want it to go up to about 62-63cm. Riding is a mixture of mtb and road.



    I think they're 58-63cm off the top of my head (no pun intended) – I work at a Spesh dealer. They're just an enlarged Align lid, i'm surprised how many fellas have to take the Max actually, anybody with an even slightly larger than average head goes for one.

    Good lids, can't go wrong at £29.99


    Thanks Rob. Sounds perfect. i just need to see if my local spesh dealer or Evans have them in so I can try before I buy

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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