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  • Spare wheels
  • Premier Icon Neb

    I’ve just picked up a cheap set of wheels that I’m planning to put mud tyres on for ‘in the trees’ days, instead of ‘on the mountain’ days.

    The hubs are the same-ish as my existing hubs, so disc spacing should be the same. The wheels come with a shimano freehub rather than my existing xd freehub.

    If I put a shimano cassette on the spare wheels, will it drop straight into the bike without faffing with indexing or high / low limits etc?

    I can always change the freehub and buy a sram cassette, but it’ll cost almost the same as the wheels cost me!

    Cheers muchly!

    Premier Icon cp

    maybe, probably not. Only way to tell is try – and if it works count yourself very lucky!

    Premier Icon Neb

    It’s just occurred to me that since both sets of wheels are based on dt swiss hubs 240s and 350, I can just pull the cassette+freehub off and move it across to my spare wheels each time I use them? Or is that a stupid idea?!

    It would save me £60+£95 buying freehub and cassette!


    If it’s easy I’d swap the cassette as otherwise you’ll end up with different wear and poor shifting.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Yep, that’ll work. IME it’s faff though, and you won’t bother!

    I’d be surprised if you’d get away with having an HG freehub body on one and XD on the other without adjusting every time, so swapping is a better idea.

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