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  • so…….what are you obsessing about at the moment?
  • Ho hum

    deadlydarcy – Member
    My final few days in my 30s

    When do they finish?

    I turned 40 back in December.

    I had a lovely chilled and pensive day and came out the other side feeling pretty good to be honest πŸ™‚

    Hope you do as well!


    Yeah, Man up Darcy, you ponce!

    I’m forty next year, and looking forward to it tbh. Mind you, when you’re in such good shape as I am, then being the envy of folk ten, fifteen years your junior is quite cool actually.

    I can understand you feeling a lot more insecure though DD. I mean, if I was in such a bad state I would be too. 😐



    Oh, in addition to carbon 29ers, I forgot Rosie Huntington-Whiteley even though she was born in the year I graduated from uni 😯


    You dirty old mayn…..

    Allthepies, earlier:


    Hee πŸ˜€

    Thanks guys, especially Effin. Tuesday to be exact. Actually, I’m cool about it really, but I suppose, as a milestone, it’s been on my mind. But obsessing’s a bit strong I guess. πŸ™‚


    You dirty old mayn…..

    Yes, but it’s the google images, the frickin google images…


    I fully intend to grow old disgracefully.

    The idea of embarrassing members of my family, by having them arriving home with friends to find me in the middle of the living room sat naked in a tin bath, quite appeals to me actually….

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    Bivibiking stuff. I’t’s my new obsession.


    DD – turning 40 rocks – I bummed off on a 3 week road trip mountain biking round Colorado and Utah in an RV. Figured that if being 40 was that much fun then I wished it had come sooner πŸ™‚

    You’ve still got time to pack your bike and hop on a plane before Tuesday …


    Midge bars for my 29er
    Contact lenses
    Loft conversion

    Premier Icon keyses2

    In no particular order

    Camera lenses
    Rescue dogs
    What to get when landrover dies
    Would the grass actually be greener on the other side or should I just weather the storm and see if things improve job/life wise ?
    Being able to throw an aerial ball (hockey)

    fatsimon mk2

    bikepacking started buying bits and bobs and weighing the kit i have got 😯


    anothergit – you remind me of the other git ‘desperategit’ with a definite sex ‘issue’ are you sure your not a woman too? maybe even the same woman? πŸ˜•


    Very excited to have bought my first set today.


    Currently….hacking ipads.

    I feel a real campaign building up in me. iPads are desired by everyone and every enterprise IT department is under pressure to set up something so their execs can use them as business tools. But they’re not business tools, they’re toys. And their security is worse than childish. Someone loses a device, someone like me finds it, I’m into your network in minutes, it’s very easy.

    Anyway, so far I’ve been refining the process of being handed an ipad and then presenting the owner with all their passwords stored on the device.

    I’m down to 4 minutes 38 seconds so far. All I need is an internet connection.


    In no particular order….

    A seriously (in my opion) hot blonde I’ve got a 3rd date with next weekend…..clearly I am playing it cool though…well..errr..

    Climbing. After 8 months of no sport what so ever due to a climbing accident and a seriously fecked ankle I am now back on it and absolutley LOVING climbing again. DESPERATE to get trips to real rock (not resin and ply) sorted but 8 months away and I’m on the outside of some cliques it seems…hmm…if this continues I’ll be soloing!

    A Nomad. This is an obsession I’ve had since they came out but they cost a packet ….but with a trip to the states now booked (Sedona etc. bring it on!) I’m waiting to se if my bonus will cover a frame….UK price Β£1800, US price $1999=Β£1250….and a bit of luck at the return airport.

    3 obsessions…am I obsessed on obsessions!


    oh and dreaming of a breitling navitimer….that particular dream has been around for 18 months so I guess it’s an obsession…wil lbe 40 in 22 months….I feel a present to myself coming on.

    Marin Quake AL7
    Probate wars/this house
    Rolex watch
    How to meet my future energy bills
    How Coulsons information to Cameron may have affected
    the last election.


    6 week old baby πŸ™‚


    Bike polo!

    I’m going to watch this in Edinburgh next week.


    Home brewing, 1st attempt was a resounding success, pale ale that tastes just like sierra Nevada πŸ˜€
    Stout next…..I’ll be blind by November…..

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