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  • Premier Icon crispo

    So talk to me about soundbars……..

    My dads birthday is coming up and he has mentioned previously that the sound from the telly sounds a bit tinny and generally crap for watching blu-ray films etc.

    I have wondered about getting him a sound bar with sub, rather than the full 5.1 surround sound system.

    I have a few questions about them though.

    Firstly – are they any good? They might not be as good as a full system but an acceptable alternative?

    Secondly – are they just plug in and play so to speak. Will he need a reciever for it or can you generally just plug them into the telly?

    Thirdly – any recommendations for the cheaper end of the budget ones?

    Thanks as ever

    Premier Icon crispo

    Bump for the evening lot, any ideas?


    Got a Sharp soundbar-much better than the sound from my Sharp TV. Vast improvement, and has plenty of options, preset wise, and a snazzy-but easily lost down the sofa, remote.
    Only about 15 watt per channel, but good enough for 99 percent of normal tv usage. Easy to fit-plug in to phono output and go.
    Looks cool too-not too many bits n bobs to polish, just one small unit. Separation is excellent too.
    Cost 100 quid a year ago from Richer Sounds.

    Premier Icon on and on

    I use a Yamaha ysp900. Fantastic thing,it really is very good for a sound bar but not as good as a full 5.1 or 7.1 system.
    Richersounds usually have good deals.


    Got a Yamaha YAS-101 (200 quid) on a Samsung UE37D5520 telly. It’s neat and tidy, connects direct via an included optical cable and can easily be programmed to take volume instructions from the main telly remote. You need to go into telly settings to turn off the main telly speakers or else some channels echo but it’s a massive improvement. Sure it’s not 5.1/7.1 but there are no cables or placements to consider. It definitely suits our requirements and the lounge is quite big but we’re not home cinema freaks – just people who enjoy a decent picture and sound from TV and Blu-ray/DVD.


    I have a Samsung HT-BD8200 and am happy enough with it (apart from the blu-ray player has stopped working…). It’s a big step up from the TV’s built-in speakers although the surround sound effect is pretty minimal (at least compared to a cheaper 5.1 system I had before). So I’d recommend one if you just want punchier/clearer sound compared with your TV but not if you really want a good surround sound experience.
    Connections-wise I think I’ve just got a couple of HDMI connections into mine (although possibly an optical one as well, been a while since I plugged it all in :p ).

    Premier Icon crispo

    Thanks for the comments all.

    It sounds like its the right sort of thing he will be after. I think he just wants better sound quality but without the faffing around of wiring in a full 5.1/7.1 system and the necessary reciever. If its a case of pretty much plug in and play then that sounds spot on.

    Will try and get to Richer Sounds to see what theyve got in!

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