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  • Soundbars – what do i need to know?
  • withersea

    Have a look at richer sounds for reductions on the higher end models reduced to a reasonable price. You can get bars for less than £200 but they aren’t great so I ended up with a surround sound and took the time to get the cabling put in as tidily as possible.

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    Im considering a soundbar for the TV, as the crappy speakers are getting on my wick. I dont want a surround system as i cant be arsed with the wires everywhere, so im guessing a soundbar is the best solution. I know sodall about them though so i ready to be enlightened by the STW collective.


    I don’t know much about such things, but I do that this one’s working very well for me (and that reviews seem to back me up):


    Orbitsound ones from John Lewis sound amazing – the only reason we didn’t buy one is that we already have decent hifi and wanted the sound from the television through our speakers. Bought a Cambridge Audio DAC from Richer Sounds instead – and it sounds excellent.

    The Orbitsound sound bars are apparently designed by an ex Eagles and Who sound engineer…

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    I had one of those, fell for the advertising.

    I Won’t Get Fooled Again.



    I’ve got an orbitsound t9 and like it very much,


    Two types. Surround sound versions like the £800 yamaha, which is very well rated. Or regular 2.1 sound like the LG or Boston TVee.

    I didn’t need the surround and bought a Boston TVee, it’s fine and sounds a lot better.


    I have an LG NB3520A – very good reviews and I am very impressed with it.

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    I have the Orbit. Good sound but the remote is rubbish. Annoyingly to have yet another remote for just the volume.

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    Yamaha is the way forward

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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