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  • Sony Xperia z – any real world experience out there?
  • schrickvr6

    I negotiated a new contact for my mum recently and got a ridiculously good (renewal) deal on T-mobile. As for the phone it seems amazing in every department, once had to restart the phone dropped the network but hopefully that was a one off.

    Edit: Access to the USB port is a bit fiddly but that’s a minor point.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Mines been great.

    It is slightly larger than an iPhone though.


    I was the same as you wanted a phone I didn’t have to worry about being a tradesman. The Sony is brilliant iI love it and the camera is brilliant too. It loads web pages so much faster the the Iphone I had before. The other day I got it covered in cement dust went to the tap and washed it all off then dried it no worries at all.


    Cheers guys. The STW thumbs up is good to have.


    New phone contract coming soon. Love the idea of this phone as it seems very nice but mainly its the waterproofness that is selling me on it. I work outside all day long in all weathers so not having to worry about my phone getting wet is an amazing idea.

    Does anyone have any real world experience of this phone? Are there any deal breakers I may have missed?

    Cheers folks


    Have it, love it. Charging point a raff unless you use a charging doc, but then you need to remove the case each team. Other than that fab.

    Premier Icon frogstomp

    Lovely phone but a bit fragile. Had mine for just over a week and loved it.. but then the screen cracked. Looking around it seems to be a pretty big issue for them so a decent case is probably a must have.

    Oh, and also the waterproofness is apparently not covered by the warranty.


    Posting this from one 🙂

    Great phone, very fast and a gorgeous screen. The usb charging cover flap is a bit crap, not sure how long it’ll last… but that’s about the only complaint I have.

    One thing to bear in mind is the screen size, though – it’s enormous! Great for web browsing and apps, but not so good for one handed operation. If you’ve got small hands I’d perhaps consider something else.


    I had mine three days before the screen cracked in my pocket 🙁 The gorilla/ shatterproof glass isn’t very good.

    But it was great for those three days.

    Premier Icon richmtb

    Get a Samsung X Cover 2 instead. The Sony is waterproof, but the Samsung is water, dust and drop tested – IP67 certified.

    Screen on the Sony is a bit nicer and bigger but the Samsung is a good solid phone and has a nice uncluttered implementation of Android too

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Ooh, mine arrives tomorrow. I’m nearly James Bond…


    Posting from one….. Also a tradesman here…

    Had it for three months. Impressed/pleased so far. Have so far dropped it twice in the river whilst drunk, nor has it suffered being left on the work bench and being covered in a layer of saw dust.

    Nice big, clear screen, too….

    Battery is on its last legs after a day of surfing, emails and calls, but that’s the norm with these “smart phones”….

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