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  • SkillWill

    Big fan here. I would say they are not everyone’s cup of tea. I digitalised all my music a few years ago, so it works really well for me.

    I have a couple of Play 3s around the house (would like more!) – really like it for digital radio too.


    i too have digtised all my music so sounds like they might be right up my street.


    im looking at getting a SONOS play 3 and wanted to tap the collective STW for any experiences? are they good as they seem from all the reviews. I understand they wont be true hifi but the versatility seems to be a winner to me.

    Premier Icon Pook

    play 5 here. Just waiting for an invoice pay so i can get a play 3 to go with it. Cracking things.


    Another user here, with my music on a NAS an all the Internet radio it’s great. I’ve recently added spotify premium and its even better.


    Same here – love it – just wondering if Play 5 is worth it over Play 3? I have the 3 currently but considering other room…

    Premier Icon singletrackfred

    I have the Playbar – it is excellent. Will expand to the Play 3 for other parts of the house


    Play 5 as the main music source here, its not hi hifi but good enough and would get another in a flash.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    I fancied one of these Play things but ended up getting some Harmon Kardon sound sticks, a Bluetooth adapter, a NAS drive and now listen to music off the hard drive via my iPhone or IPad.

    Total cost £220 including NAS drive.

    Play 3 here with spotify . Love mine . A mate has just got the soundbar and is impressed with ir

    Premier Icon easygirl

    2 play 3s in our house
    Fantastic, sound is acceptable, we also have a link through proper stereo which is great
    We have napster through sons which s £5 a month and gives access to unlimited music, and the choice s endless
    Internet radio is great
    Very reliable system, we even take the unit into the garden and it plays in there


    Love it, you do really need to get a NAS to store all your music on and play instantly. Otherwise you will need your computer on. Other benefit is you can back up your entire computer to the NAS while your at it.
    Got Spotify last month is great on the sonos apart from not having spotify radio.


    I have a 3 in the kitchen and a 5 in the living room and soundwise you can tell the difference between the two.

    I also have the Napster service, which I run through their proper app via airplay rather than the Sonos app becasue I don’t find it as feature rich, I expect Spotify is the same. Airplay also enables me to stream any internet sound through the sonos so I can get my 70’s funk and soul fix from mixcloud for example.

    Very pleased with it and I’m tempted by the soundbar now.


    I’m kicking around ideas to steam music from my NAS as well.
    Considering the Sonos or maybe a used Squeezebox boom from EBAY, a Philips Streamium. Undecided!


Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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