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  • dan1980

    Utter crap. Never had an issue with Sealskinz, best twenty quid I ever spent on a pair of socks. Warm, dry feet all through the winter every time.

    I can only surmise you only go out when its warm and dry in the first place then! 🙂

    Sealskinz socks all have this major design flaw, a ruddy great hole in the top and no barrier to stop water running into sock itself.

    This year I’m planning on trying out walking boots, wooly socks and gaiters to keep my feet dry. When this fails I’ll either man up, or get a drysuit and Wellies 😀

    Premier Icon MadBillMcMad

    I USED to suffer really badly with cold feet.

    I tried waterproof socks, full on winter boots etc. All did not work.

    I now use 5-10s with a good woolly walking socks.
    I now never get cold feet.

    The secret is having boots that are not too tight that cut off the circulation. Most clip in boots are all designed for italian style skinny feet.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    If you really want to keep your feet dry, without a boot with a watertight cuff, you’re going to need waterproof trousers. Otherwise the water soaks down your tights and into your boots.


    I use Shimano MW81 gore tex boots, with a neoprene overboot from planet x and a pair of merino soscks. Completely dry, totally warm.


    Went for these in the end they seem like they will do the job I think the key will be wearing them before the ride and maybe taping the top so water cannot enter freely otherwise I think they will fill up. Sealskinz are terrible they fill up with water making them heavy and cold.

    I got a pair of Northwave Celsius boots last winter which kept my feet toasty warm and dry and no cold spots from the spd’s either. Northwave also do Goretex boots with more insulation in them than the model I went for.
    Northwave clicky link

    Also you can get knee length Sealskinz which might help to stop water getting in the top.
    Sealskinz knee high link

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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